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Plannedgiving.Net is the largest online resource for downloadable planned giving content. Think of us as the LegalZoom® of the planned giving community.

Our goal? To save you time, effort, money, and hassle. Especially time… as we all know that ”planned giving” is always placed on the back burner.

Most of our downloads are premium tools ($), but there is a lot of free stuff here too. Please snoop around because there’s something for every development shop here. Can’t find it? We can help so call us. Need us to develop a new tool? We will seriously consider it.

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Finally, staying competitive means learning never stops. First, review the basic principles on how to market planned gifts. Then visit our Marketing Q&A, our White Papers page, our subject-specific Answers pages, or our irreverent Blog. And don't miss the handy tool that thousands of fundraisers already have working for them... pick up the latest edition of our Ultimate Quick Reference Planned Giving Pocket Guide

Want to have a little fun? Take your planned giving I.Q. test here, and also see if you are "ready for planned giving" with our gift planning readiness calculator.

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