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  1. Estate Planning Guide

    Estate Planning Guide

    Take the fear out of estate planning by educating your prospects how to write a will, plan a bequest, and make other long-term arrangements in a way that aligns with their values and meets their personal goals (11 pages).

    Beautifully designed, extremely attractive, and easily customizable by your graphic designer, marketing department, or print shop.


    Get the Will Starter Workbook COMPLETELY FREE when you purchase the Estate Planning Guide. Your prospects will love this simple, step-by-step workbook that helps them get organized and make decisions before they even meet with their attorney (15 pages).

    Why you need it:

    More than 60% of Americans do not have a valid will in place. When you show them the value of estate planning, they’ll be encouraged to include a charitable gift right from the start. This guide makes the entire process easy on you and your prospects.

    • Choose from over 5 attractive cover designs
    • Simple, practical, affordable
    • So many uses! Use it as a leave-behind on donor visits. Give it out at Legacy Society events, reunions, or board meetings. Hand it to financial advisors to pass on to their constituents.

    This product is also available at where we customize it for you for only $500 additional. Saves you time.

    How it’s structured:

    • What this guide will (and won’t) do for you.
    • Start here.
    • What makes a good estate plan?
    • It’s not just about your stuff.
    • Glossary: your estate planning cheat sheet

    Software Needed:

    • Adobe InDesign
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  2. Campaign Counting Guidelines

    Campaign Counting Guidelines

    So, your Board has finally voted to authorize a campaign for your organization. But, you have not had a campaign in a long time or perhaps this is the first "real" campaign for your charity.

    Now what?!

    A few issues that can routinely become a thorny problem in campaigns if it is not settled very early in the planning process is:

    • What gifts will be counted in the campaign?
    • And, under what circumstances?

    There have been many times when the credibility of both the campaign and the development operation as a whole has been destroyed because of a lack of clarity in terms of gift counting.

    Our comprehensive campaign gift counting guidelines can solve this problem for you. These customizable guidelines completely conform to national standards and have been used by the most advanced development programs. And, our experts are here to guide you through the process of adapting these guidelines to your organization.

    We can also advise you on how to move the guideline through a process of being approved by internal stakeholders and your Board.

    Call us at 800-490-7090 for more information.

    Services spearheaded by Stuart Sullivan and includes a 2-hour personal consultation.
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  3. Get Your Board on Board

    Get Your Board on Board

    This slideshow covers "15 Myths Most Nonprofits Fall For." Myths like "planned gifts take too long, and we need the cash now" choke off planned giving budgets and stunt organizational growth. This presentation shoots down the myths one by one with facts that will convince even the crustiest board member to give planned giving a chance.

    Why you need it:

    You "get it." You know planned giving is the key the future success of your nonprofit and its mission. (And your career.) If your board members don't get it, after this presentation—they will. Blow their minds, change their hearts, and increase your the budget they give you for planned giving next year.

    • If your board doesn't "get it," it's your job to convince them. This presentation makes your job easy.
    • Ready to go. Just download it to your computer and project it.
    • Breeze through it in 15 minutes or go deeper and make it last an hour.

    How to use it:

    Call a special meeting or grab a slot in an existing meeting. Show this presentation and win over the holdouts your board.

    How it's structured:

    • 38 slides total
    • Slide with a myth followed by a slide with the reality
    • Example:
      • Myth: Planned gifts take too long, and we need the cash now.
      • Reality: The average time from inception to maturity for a planned gift is 7-10 years. (That's only a few years longer than most campaign pledge periods.)

    Software needed:

    • Microsoft PowerPoint
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