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  1. What Do You Want Your Gift To Do — For You?

    What Do You Want Your Gift To Do — For You?

    This lively overview brochure of gift plans highlights how receiving benefits back from a gift helps donors be more generous in supporting your organization.

    An engaging, you-can-do-it introduction leads to a 3-column table (chart) that matches 12 gift plans with specific donor goals and benefits. Demonstrates for prospects the range of gift choices they have, and how many of their financial goals can be reached with the help of a well-planned gift.

    Can also be used as newsletter content; an excellent companion piece for our "To Build and Sustain" brochure.

    How the brochure is structured:

    • Introduction
    • Concise, easy-to-understand 3-column table (chart) matching donor goals with gift benefits
    • Gift types include: cash; appreciated stock, bonds, mutual funds; real estate; life insurance; closely held stock; bequests; retirement plans; CGAs; DGAs; lead trusts; retained life estates.
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  2. A Steady Stream of Cash You Can Rely On (Charitable Gift Annuities)

    A Steady Stream of Cash You Can Rely On (Charitable Gift Annuities)

    Who wouldn't want a steady stream of cash that they can count on? We're sure many of your donors would, especially in an unstable economy or when stocks are on a roller coaster ride.

    This brochure drives home a great message about the attractive traits of a charitable gift annuity — a fixed, reliable, steady stream of cash, year in and year out.

    How this document is structured:

    • Introduction: “If you are concerned about the performance of some of your appreciated assets or need to increase your cash flow, here is an interesting idea.“
    • Short and simple explanation of the benefits of a Gift Annuity
    • A case in point (sample illustration with a few numbers)
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  3. Make a Gift Without Using Your Checkbook or Credit Card

    Make a Gift Without Using Your Checkbook or Credit Card

    The headline alone should get your donors' attention. Making a gift without using your credit card or checkbook — how is that possible? Savvy donors have already figured out that funding their year-end gifts with stock is a terrific idea. Why not let everyone know that they, too, can take advantage of this strategy? With this article, they will. It provides examples and explains clearly why stock makes great gifts even better.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Example of using stock to make a year-end gift
    • Advantages for the donor
    • Appeal for donor to consider using stock to make a year-end gift to [YOUR NONPROFIT]
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  4. What To Give When You're Giving

    What To Give When You're Giving

    This companion brochure to our gift plan overview (Product 3034) lets prospects know about the range of assets they can use to make their gift. The copy is technically accurate but not weighed down with jargon or legalese.

    The central theme is the flexibility donors have when they plan a major gift to your organization. The simpler assets — cash, securities, paid-up insurance, retirement-plan balances — are highlighted first. More complicated assets like real estate and artwork are also described, but the copy makes clear that your organization may not be able to accept offers of all such gifts.

    Together with our gift-plan overview, this piece will form an essential part of your marketing library. Use the two in a 1-2 sequence as e-mails or newsletter articles, or combine the pieces for a comprehensive, low-cost, introductory "Ways-of-Giving" brochure.

    How this copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • “Not only can you choose the type of gift that offers you the most rewards, but you can also select from a variety of assets that you can use to make a gift.”
    • Cash
    • Securities
    • Certificates of deposit, brokerage and bank accounts
    • Paid-up insurance policies
    • Retirement plan assets
    • Real estate
    • Other types of assets
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  5. Flexibility and Security: The Annuity Trust

    Flexibility and Security: The Annuity Trust

    Your financially savvy prospects already know about the tax benefits of giving appreciated assets instead of cash during lifetime, and the balance of a retirement plan instead of other estate assets at death. They will tune out your marketing on these relatively simple points. To get their attention, you have to speak the language of the financial media and their own advisors.

    No, you shouldn't compete with these professional sources to deliver purely technical information. Yes, your prospects still want to know what your mission is and how their giving will help you advance it. But, financially savvy donors will leave you out of sophisticated, six-figure-plus gift plans unless you let them know that you are ready, willing and able to participate in them.

    This piece is a clear, thorough overview of what a charitable remainder annuity trust is and what it can do for your donors and for you. It's not a reprint of a memo from the prospect's lawyer or accountant; the language is informal yet persuasive, and keeps the focus on the gift element of the annuity trust.

    How this copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • How oes a charitable remainder annuity trust work?
    • What's in it for you?
    • What decisions are up to you?
    • How do you get started?
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