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  1. Make Two Gifts With Your Next Gift Annuity

    Make Two Gifts With Your Next Gift Annuity

    Here's a new angle for reaching out to donors who want to be generous to your organization and someone they love. Have you told them that a gift annuity can be an ideal way to provide assistance to a loved one, like an aging parent, aunt, uncle, child, or close friend? After reading this brochure your donors will see a whole new aspect of how a gift annuity can spread benefits around. So they just might be motivated to establish another gift annuity for someone other than themselves or their spouses β€” and that gift annuity benefits your organization, too.

    How the content is structured:

    • Introduction
    • "You can give a lifelong income to someone else."
    • A birthday present for mom
    • Boost an adult child's retirement plans
    • Must the annuitant be a family member?
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  2. Change is Constant: Your Estate Plan Shouldn't Be.

    Change is Constant: Your Estate Plan Shouldn't Be.

    Remember... bequests constitute over 70% of planned gifts. Here's a handy, yet valuable guide for your prospects that tells them when they should review their estate plan: the changes in personal and family status; in work, retirement, and need for long-term care; in taxes on lifetime and at-death transfers that can often make an estate plan obsolete. Encourages readers to take inventory — and to stay aware of how relevant and useful their plans will continue to be.

    Urges prospects to include a gift to your organization as they make ongoing changes to their plans.

    Includes a clear, understandable explanation of how codicils can simplify amendments to estate documents.

    Excellent and elegant copy for a brochure or newsletter or for materials to be given to prospects at your estate-planning seminar. Will also work as an article in any of your publications.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • How and when will you transfer assets?
    • Who will be a beneficiary?
    • What are your assets, and what are your needs?
    • Remember the codicil!
    • Always a wise change: add a gift to [YOUR NONPROFIT]
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  3. Flexibility and Security: The Annuity Trust

    Flexibility and Security: The Annuity Trust

    Your financially savvy prospects already know about the tax benefits of giving appreciated assets instead of cash during lifetime, and the balance of a retirement plan instead of other estate assets at death. They will tune out your marketing on these relatively simple points. To get their attention, you have to speak the language of the financial media and their own advisors.

    No, you shouldn't compete with these professional sources to deliver purely technical information. Yes, your prospects still want to know what your mission is and how their giving will help you advance it. But, financially savvy donors will leave you out of sophisticated, six-figure-plus gift plans unless you let them know that you are ready, willing and able to participate in them.

    This piece is a clear, thorough overview of what a charitable remainder annuity trust is and what it can do for your donors and for you. It's not a reprint of a memo from the prospect's lawyer or accountant; the language is informal yet persuasive, and keeps the focus on the gift element of the annuity trust.

    How this copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • How oes a charitable remainder annuity trust work?
    • What's in it for you?
    • What decisions are up to you?
    • How do you get started?
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  4. Your Car Gets a Check-up; Why Not Your Will?

    Your Car Gets a Check-up; Why Not Your Will?

    This is a strong, serious and clear wake-up call to prospects who tell you that they can't make a charitable bequest because they've already written their will. Your objective as a fundraiser is to prod these folks into re-examining their estate plans, and, in the process, to add a bequest to your organization.

    Copy gets readers wondering if their will is too old, ignores recent tax-law changes, benefits family no longer alive or those who have already gotten lifetime gifts, or won't work in the new state to which they've retired (plenty of other potential defects are highlighted, too). The close is a direct solicitation to add a bequest to your organization when the will is revised, and a link to you for more information and follow-up.

    May be used as brochure, newsletter or article.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction ("How often do you go to your doctor? Add reviewing your will to your check-up schedule.")
    • How up-to-date is my will?
    • What if I have changed my mind about some things? Does my will reflect that?
    • How valid is my will?
    • Where is my will?
    • Do the appropriate people have a copy?
    • What do I want my legacy to be?
    • Sources of more information and assistance.
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  5. Securing Your Organization's Future

    Securing Your Organization's Future

    As you transition your prospects from annual giving to endowment/long-term/major giving, you may want to step back to educate them about what your endowment is and what it does for your organization.

    This brochure supplies technical information about how an endowment holds donations and makes distributions while inspiring and motivating readers to perpetuate their own giving through an endowment.

    Powerful, compelling copy lets prospects know that they can set up a permanent or term endowment easily, and activate an endowed fund through lifetime gifts plus final funding in a bequest. They are then guided to you for additional information and follow-up.

    May be modified for use as a column/article or newsletter content.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction — "What is the endowment?"
    • Types of endowments (permanent and term endowments)
    • Named Funds ("Place your name or that of a loved one on an endowed fund.")
    • How does the fund grow?
    • How do you create one? How do you contribute to it? Etc.
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  6. Remember Me? (Endowments)

    Remember Me? (Endowments)

    Everyone wants to be remembered.

    Your donors will be when they create a named endowment fund to benefit your organization. It is easy to do and can be done during lifetime, through one's will, or a combination of the two.

    This brochure offers an easy way to reach out to your donors and inform them about how easy it is to be remembered through an endowed fund. The copy can be modified to serve as an article/column and newsletter content as well.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction — "You want to feel that you've contributed something good to the world in which you live."
    • Options for a named endowment fund
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  7. Landing page & eBroadcast - Beneficiary Designations (Education)

    Landing page & eBroadcast - Beneficiary Designations (Education)

    Copy for an ebroadcast and companion landing page to promote beneficiary designations for prospects of a university, private school or other educational institution.

    Why you need it:

    It's a cluttered and noisy world. If you want to be heard, you need to "touch" your prospects 10-20 times a year with messages that capture their attention and prompt action. This product makes it easy and affordable to do just that. The email has a lively, personal tone, and the landing page presents a clear message without the distraction of an entire website.

    • Catchy subject lines to increase email open rates. (e.g., "Don't let the bank teller control your legacy" and "A legacy gift that costs you nothing during your lifetime")
    • Compelling calls to action.
    • Easily track your audience's responses so you know what's working and what's not.

    What's included:

    • Ready-to-go copy for an email. Drop it into your email marketing program, insert your information and hit "send."
    • Copy for a landing page. Makes it easy for anyone with basic Web experience to set up your custom landing page.

    Software needed:

    • Microsoft Word
    • Email marketing program (e.g., Constant Contact, MailChimp, or your organization's internal software)
    • Landing page generator


    Would you rather hire us to set up your ebroadcast and landing page? We're glad to help. Contact us for details.

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  8. Why Should You Consider an Endowment?

    Why Should You Consider an Endowment?

    Like many of us, your donors may be focusing more on their current support for your nonprofit. What they may not be thinking about is what happens to that support when they are gone? Setting up an endowment could be the solution — they can create it during their lifetime with a gift now and complete the funding through a bequest. Or, they can establish it completely in their will. Either way, they will be providing lasting support beyond their years. Named funds can be established as well, at a specified minimum amount. Use this to help your donors see why endowments are important to your nonprofit and why they should consider creating one of their own.

    How the copy is structured:
    • Introduction ("Why should you consider an endowment?")
    • Endowments are lasting.
    • Endowments are safe.
    • Endowments are Individual (4 bulleted items to consider).
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  9. Will You Leave a Legacy? (Bequests)

    Will You Leave a Legacy? (Bequests)

    Your planned gift marketing can start right here, with this clear, concise and powerful blueprint of how a charitable bequest works, and what an easy and flexible gift it is for donors. It's the gift that won't affect one's cash flow or lifestyle.

    Copy leads off with the benefits to donors of making an estate gift, then briefly but accurately describes the different types of bequests. Copy highlights revocable trusts, too, for prospects who are more familiar with them than wills.

    "Legacy" theme reminds prospects that an estate gift is their testimony that they have valued your organization during their lifetime, and that they want to help ensure that it will keep doing good work after they are gone. Copy leads prospects to you for additional information and follow-up.

    May be used as column, newsletter or brochure.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction ("Will you leave a legacy?")
    • Why should you include a charitable gift in your will (or living trust) (4 easy-to-understand, bulleted reasons)
    • Three types of bequests with sample language
    • Choose how your gift will be used (4 bulleted types with their explanations)
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  10. What To Give When You're Giving

    What To Give When You're Giving

    This companion brochure to our gift plan overview (Product 3034) lets prospects know about the range of assets they can use to make their gift. The copy is technically accurate but not weighed down with jargon or legalese.

    The central theme is the flexibility donors have when they plan a major gift to your organization. The simpler assets — cash, securities, paid-up insurance, retirement-plan balances — are highlighted first. More complicated assets like real estate and artwork are also described, but the copy makes clear that your organization may not be able to accept offers of all such gifts.

    Together with our gift-plan overview, this piece will form an essential part of your marketing library. Use the two in a 1-2 sequence as e-mails or newsletter articles, or combine the pieces for a comprehensive, low-cost, introductory "Ways-of-Giving" brochure.

    How this copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • “Not only can you choose the type of gift that offers you the most rewards, but you can also select from a variety of assets that you can use to make a gift.”
    • Cash
    • Securities
    • Certificates of deposit, brokerage and bank accounts
    • Paid-up insurance policies
    • Retirement plan assets
    • Real estate
    • Other types of assets
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  11. Give Now, Increase Your Retirement Income Later (DGAs)

    Give Now, Increase Your Retirement Income Later (DGAs)

    No, this isn't a contradictory message. Rather, it's a straightforward way to let your younger donors know that a deferred gift annuity could be both a gift and a savvy retirement strategy, all in one! This brochure shows donors one of the best advantages of a deferred gift annuity: it boosts their retirement income. It also encourages them to give now, since starting early produces the greatest benefits.

    This message is sure to put a new spin on charitable giving, especially for younger donors not familiar with how a deferred gift annuity works.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction: β€œLike the rest of us, you are counting on a healthy retirement account that will support you financially in your retirement years. But here's another retirement strategy.”
    • Give now
    • Increase your retirement income later
    • Dependable retirement income for life
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  12. A Big Thumbs Up! (CGAs)

    A Big Thumbs Up! (CGAs)

    Donors give gift annuities a big thumbs up. Why? There are lots of reasons, and this brochure highlights some of the best. If you need a rah rah article about gift annuities, this is it.

    How this document is organized:

    • Introduction: "A fixed, regular income for as long as you live."
    • They are easy
    • They pay very attractive rates.
    • They provide fixed payments for life.
    • They support our mission.
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