Simple English. No Legalese.

The goal is: make the phone ring. But some still don't get it.

We once received a call from a prospect, "My boss thinks there should be more planned giving detail on our Planned Giving Website."

Some people still think that their planned giving marketing (emphasize: marketing) brochures and websites should be like a prospectus on legal matters.


The goal is to get donors to call. That's why our firms, and (yes, we own both domains, in fact we also own PlannedGiving.Org), is not led by attorneys. It's led by marketing folks. Why? Because we're not a software or consulting firm - we are a marketing firm. We focus on people - not calculators, CRUTs and CRATs.

Our goal is to make the phone ring. Period. And the more poo-poo you put in your communications pieces that's not going to happen because the result will be apathy, boredom, or confusion.

Will an Architect Clean Your Teeth?

No. You do not see an architect to get your teeth cleaned, and for the same reason you don't consult an attorney for marketing advice. Yet massive amounts of fundraisers do, and the difference between an attorney and a marketer is as vast as the Grand Canyon. Result? They defer the deferred.

So ask yourself: why do sales and marketing people earn more? Because it is easier to talk about the gift vehicles instead of selling them. Anyone can come up with a great idea. It takes a street smart person to sell it.

Proof that we're the marketing experts? Our competition copies us every day.

Just remember… "Tell me more" is the whole purpose of any marketing piece.