Be a Boy Scout and Be Prepared (Bequests)

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Approximately 60 percent of your supporters will die without a will. This upbeat and friendly brochure uses a folksy "be prepared" theme push prospects out of their inertia about writing a will — the greatest impediment you face in closing more estate gifts.

Readers are guided to your organization for a will kit (we can help you assemble it) that will give them the information and encouragement they need to begin planning their estates. They are also encouraged to include a bequest to your organization, and then directed to you for follow-up information.

Be sure to look over our broad selection bequest pieces. Each features a slightly different tone. You can chose the one that best communicates to your prospects — or alternate 2 or 3 different pieces throughout your bequest campaign.

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Primary Topic

  • Bequests
Marketing Use
  • Marketing Starter Series

Suggested Format

  • Brochure / eBrochure

No. of Words

  • 320

Suggested Headline

  • Look How Much a Bequest Can Do