Income For the Rainy Day of Your Choice (Gift Annuities)

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The flexible gift annuity is the perfect gift type for a special group of your prospects – but they may never have heard of it. With this brochure you can tell them everything they need to know. This brochure explains how donors can create a flexible gift annuity, and defer the start of payments until a date they can choose later.

Donors that don't need immediate income choose a deferred gift annuity so they set a future date when they want their payments to start. But what about donors who don't know yet when that should be? The flexible charitable gift annuity gives them the freedom to decide later when they start receiving those payments.

Target this brochure to your younger Baby Boomers and Generation X donors — those five or more years this side of retirement.

How this document is organized:

  • Introduction
  • "Is there a charitable gift plan that can make payments in the future, and give me the option to decide start receiving payments when I'm certain about my retirement date? Absolutely!"
  • Start receiving payments when you know you're ready to retire
  • You can choose a range of possible retirement dates
  • Good reasons to consider this as part of your retirement planning

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  • Flexible Charitable Gift Annuities

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  • Income For the Rainy Day of Your Choice