May the Force Be With You! (CGAs)

May the Force Be With You! (CGAs)

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This article comprehensively explains the advantages of a gift annuity and demonstrates the true power of this attractive gift. It describes the many advantages including appealing payout rates, fixed payments for life, charitable income tax deduction, partially tax-free payments, capital gains tax avoidance, and last but not least, the personal satisfaction of supporting a mission about which your donors feel strongly.

Most of these advantages are illustrated with short examples. This piece will get your donors to see and understand the power of a charitable gift annuity and encourage them to request a personalized illustration to see how this gift will work in their situation. This is a must-have document to promote CGAs.

How this document is organized:

  • Introduction
  • Appealing payout rates
  • Fixed payments for life
  • Charitable income tax deduction
  • Payments partially tax-free
  • Capital gains tax avoidance
  • Individual contentment
  • A gift annuity could reduce the size of your estate

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  • Charitable Gift Annuities

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  • Marketing Starter Series

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  • May the Force Be With You!