Should a Cardiologist Perform Orthopedic Surgery?

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Your donors don't always understand that the law, just like medicine, is specialized. Too often we've heard donors say they have a swell attorney who can help them with their estate planning. Too often this attorney's expertise is in real estate, contracts, or putting business deals together.

For estate planning, wills and trusts preparation, etc., they need an attorney skilled in that area of specialty. We make this point by posing that punchy question to your donors in the headline. If a cardiologist shouldn’t perform orthopedic surgery, then why ask a real estate attorney to do your estate plan?

The article clarifies the issues and motivates donors to set up their estates right – with your nonprofit remembered in them!

The copy can be modified to serve as newsletter content, a brochure, or an article/column.

How this document is organized:

  • Introduction – compelling questions
  • The law is vast: just like medicine
  • The laws vary state by state: “If you lived in Pennsylvania but now are retired in Florida…”
  • New tricks of the trade: new laws are enacted; others are amended ("IRS issues PLRs…")
  • Finding Mr. or Ms. Right

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Primary Topic

  • Bequests (Importance of Having a Proper Will)

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  • Marketing Starter Series

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  • Brochure / E-Brochure
  • Column / Article
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  • 620

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  • Should a Cardiologist Perform Orthopedic Surgery?