What Do You Know?

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Never underestimate the appeal of puzzles and word game! You can use this fun and simple quiz as an article in your publications to get potential annuitants thinking about the advantages of gift annuities. You can also employ this multiple choice quiz as part of a power point presentation on gift annuities to your volunteers or board members. Let them have some fun, too, learning about gift annuities while testing their knowledge of the subject!

How the document is structured:

  • Introduction “What Do You Know?” 
  • Ten quiz questions that cover the gift annuity basics; with answer key.
  •  “Any questions? We'd be delighted to answer them and/or prepare a personalized gift annuity illustration.”

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Primary Topic

  • Charitable Gift Annuities

Marketing Use

  • Marketing Starter Series

Suggested Format

  • Brochure / E-Brochure
  • PowerPoint Presentation

No. of Words

  • 290

Suggested Headline

  • What Do You Know?