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  1. Diversify for Retirement (CGAs)

    Diversify for Retirement (CGAs)

    If your prospects are interested in diversifying their investment portfolio for retirement, but are worried about complications arising from the selling of assets and exposure to capital gains tax, then this article is for you. It explains something many prospects don’t realize: Portfolio diversification is one of the advantages of establishing a charitable gift annuity.

    If the donor uses appreciated, marketable securities to fund a charitable gift annuity, he or she won't have to sell the asset. And there are capital gains tax advantages to this strategy, too. This article explains all of that and more!

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction: "It's wise to diversify your portfolio"
    • You may not be aware that charitable giving and diversification can work together
    • Pay fewer taxes
    • A gift annuity helps you diversify your retirement
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  2. There For You

    There For You

    The charitable gift annuity has been the most popular life-income gift for decades. It's an easy gift that many donors can afford. In fact, many annuitants wonder how they afforded to pay their bills before they funded their annuities.

    Especially during challenging economic times, safe and predictable annuity payments will appeal to your supporters. Those annuity payments keep coming, year in and year out, whether the stock market is up or down.

    This brochure focuses on this most-favorable benefit of the gift annuity — payments that don't end during your donors' lifetime. It emphasizes that your donors can rely on these payments, which is a huge comfort to them, and motivation for them to set one up. When times are tough, charitable gift annuity payments will be there for your donors. This brochure will encourage your donors decide to support your organization with new charitable gift annuities.

    The copy can be modified to also serve as a solicitation letter or an article/column.

    How this document is organized:

    • Introduction: “Nothing on earth lasts forever — all good things come to an end. Yes, that's true. But, what if you had a steady stream of income that would never slow down or decrease for as long as you live – regardless of fluctuations in the stock market?
    • Once you set up your charitable gift annuity, that's it.
    • Gift annuities mean security for your donors and for your organization.
    • “Please give us a call to learn more.”
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  3. We Take Trade Ins (CGAs)

    We Take Trade Ins (CGAs)

    Why not ask your donors to consider trading in a bequest for a charitable gift annuity?

    This brochure take a creative approach to explaining the many reasons why a charitable gift annuity makes sense for your donor: the satisfaction of seeing their gift in action, the charitable tax deduction, and the dependable payments for life at a very favorable rate.

    Even though this document encourages them to "trade in" their bequest for a gift annuity, most donors will love the benefits of their gift annuity with your organization so much that they'll never take you out of the will. And even if they do, they have just given you a realized, current gift instead of a revocable gift that might disappear before it's received.

    In fact, the steady income from the gift annuity could help your donor avoid liquidating estate assets. This brochure gives them an extra incentive to establish a gift annuity in addition.

    The copy can be modified to serve as newsletter content, a solicitation letter, or an article/column.

    How this document is organized:

    • Introduction: “We take trade ins — you can "trade in" some of your bequest assets for a charitable gift annuity.”
    • Receive more income now
    • Pay less taxes
    • Make your income steady and reliable
    • “We can show you a complimentary, customized gift annuity illustration…”
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  4. The Sky's the Limit

    The Sky's the Limit

    Your very best prospects for gift annuities are the people who have already funded one, two, or more!

    Take advantage of this important dynamic! Use this brochure to build repeat annuitants at your organization. The copy encourages your charitable gift annuitants (who are your best prospects) to think about setting up additional gift annuities. There is no maximum! In fact some donors get into the habit of setting one up every year.

    The copy can be modified to also serve as newsletter content, or an article/column.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • “Question: How many charitable gift annuities should you set up? Answer: The sky's the limit! If you are wondering why anyone would set up more than one.”
    • It's an easy annual gift to make gift annuities provide confidence and security
    • The good samaritan
    • You really like [Your Organization]
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  5. What Do You Know?

    What Do You Know?

    Never underestimate the appeal of puzzles and word game! You can use this fun and simple quiz as an article in your publications to get potential annuitants thinking about the advantages of gift annuities. You can also employ this multiple choice quiz as part of a power point presentation on gift annuities to your volunteers or board members. Let them have some fun, too, learning about gift annuities while testing their knowledge of the subject!

    How the document is structured:

    • Introduction “What Do You Know?” 
    • Ten quiz questions that cover the gift annuity basics; with answer key.
    •  “Any questions? We'd be delighted to answer them and/or prepare a personalized gift annuity illustration.”
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  6. For The Duration (CGAs)

    For The Duration (CGAs)

    If your donors don't really understand that gift annuity payments last for the duration of donors’ lives, then they need to read this! And you need them to read it, too.

    Receiving regular, annual payments from gift annuities attracts many donors for first-time giving, and attracts many back to set up the same kind of gift again. So ensure that your prospects know about them! This brochure drives home a critical, benefits-based message with clear, persuasive copy.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction: “The charitable gift annuity — it’s the gift that gives back, and it gives back for the duration — the duration of your life.”
    • How a gift annuity works
    • An example with numbers
    • Offer of no-obligation gift annuity illustration
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  7. Give and Get Back (CGAs)

    Give and Get Back (CGAs)

    Use this very informal article to get your message out about this great gift type. If your donors don't yet know about gift annuities, they will after they read this! They'll learn that gift annuities are gifts that give back. That alone could entice them to consider funding one.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • “What charitable gift can you make that gives something back to you?”
    • What's the “give”? (a gift that often increases cash flow)
    • What's the “give back”? (tax and financial benefits)
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  8. What Makes a Gift Annuity Tick?

    What Makes a Gift Annuity Tick?

    The charitable gift annuity remains the most popular life-income gift. It's easy to do, affordable, and donors like the advantages, especially the receipt of predictable, annuity payments that continue year after year.

    But what exactly is a charitable gift annuity? Remember, not everyone in your donor base already understands how they work.

    If you have a gift annuity program, this brochure is a great way to educate your donors about them. When your donors finish reading this article, they'll not only have a better understanding of gift annuities, but they may also be motivated to establish one with your organization!

    How this document is structured:

    • Introduction 
    • A gift annuity is a contract
    • Payout rates
    • Benefits (5 concise bullet points)
    • “I’m considering a gift annuity – what are the steps?” (6 bullet points).
    • “If interested, how do I proceed?” (6 bullet points).
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  9. Should a Cardiologist Perform Orthopedic Surgery?

    Should a Cardiologist Perform Orthopedic Surgery?

    Your donors don't always understand that the law, just like medicine, is specialized. Too often we've heard donors say they have a swell attorney who can help them with their estate planning. Too often this attorney's expertise is in real estate, contracts, or putting business deals together.

    For estate planning, wills and trusts preparation, etc., they need an attorney skilled in that area of specialty. We make this point by posing that punchy question to your donors in the headline. If a cardiologist shouldn’t perform orthopedic surgery, then why ask a real estate attorney to do your estate plan?

    The article clarifies the issues and motivates donors to set up their estates right – with your nonprofit remembered in them!

    The copy can be modified to serve as newsletter content, a brochure, or an article/column.

    How this document is organized:

    • Introduction – compelling questions
    • The law is vast: just like medicine
    • The laws vary state by state: “If you lived in Pennsylvania but now are retired in Florida…”
    • New tricks of the trade: new laws are enacted; others are amended ("IRS issues PLRs…")
    • Finding Mr. or Ms. Right
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  10. Income For the Rainy Day of Your Choice (Gift Annuities)

    Income For the Rainy Day of Your Choice (Gift Annuities)

    The flexible gift annuity is the perfect gift type for a special group of your prospects – but they may never have heard of it. With this brochure you can tell them everything they need to know. This brochure explains how donors can create a flexible gift annuity, and defer the start of payments until a date they can choose later.

    Donors that don't need immediate income choose a deferred gift annuity so they set a future date when they want their payments to start. But what about donors who don't know yet when that should be? The flexible charitable gift annuity gives them the freedom to decide later when they start receiving those payments.

    Target this brochure to your younger Baby Boomers and Generation X donors — those five or more years this side of retirement.

    How this document is organized:

    • Introduction
    • "Is there a charitable gift plan that can make payments in the future, and give me the option to decide start receiving payments when I'm certain about my retirement date? Absolutely!"
    • Start receiving payments when you know you're ready to retire
    • You can choose a range of possible retirement dates
    • Good reasons to consider this as part of your retirement planning
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  11. May the Force Be With You! (CGAs)

    May the Force Be With You! (CGAs)

    This article comprehensively explains the advantages of a gift annuity and demonstrates the true power of this attractive gift. It describes the many advantages including appealing payout rates, fixed payments for life, charitable income tax deduction, partially tax-free payments, capital gains tax avoidance, and last but not least, the personal satisfaction of supporting a mission about which your donors feel strongly.

    Most of these advantages are illustrated with short examples. This piece will get your donors to see and understand the power of a charitable gift annuity and encourage them to request a personalized illustration to see how this gift will work in their situation. This is a must-have document to promote CGAs.

    How this document is organized:

    • Introduction
    • Appealing payout rates
    • Fixed payments for life
    • Charitable income tax deduction
    • Payments partially tax-free
    • Capital gains tax avoidance
    • Individual contentment
    • A gift annuity could reduce the size of your estate
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  12. Four Times a Year (CGAs)

    Four Times a Year (CGAs)

    Most donors elect to receive their annuity payments quarterly, or four times a year. Every check or direct deposit is a reminder that they've established a gift annuity with your organization.

    This "feel good" article invites the donor — and potential donor — to visualize the regular reminders of what their gift annuity means to them and to your organization. Use this to help potential donors imagine themselves as wise benefactors who made a very good decision, and to cultivate current donors before asking them to consider another gift.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction: “Most of our annuitants select quarterly payments, so every three months. Each of these checks gives you another reason to reflect on what your gift means.”
    • The Win-Win Relationship
    • When You Receive Your Quarterly Check
    • Plenty of Good Thoughts Come with Your Check
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