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  1. Put Some Gold in Those Golden Years! (CGAs)

    Put Some Gold in Those Golden Years! (CGAs)

    Why do they call them the "golden years"? We think it could be the "gold" that a charitable gift annuity can put in those years!

    For your more senior prospects in particular, this brochure explains that charitable gift annuities offer not only attractive payout rates (that get higher with age) but also the stable, secure income payments that can be vital to those in retirement. And then there's the security of gift annuity investments — golden indeed!

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction — "Is there anything about getting older that really pays off? Absolutely! With a charitable gift annuity."
    • How getting older can be a good thing
    • Rate chart included!
    • A solution if you're living on a fixed income
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  2. Give Now, Increase Your Retirement Income Later (DGAs)

    Give Now, Increase Your Retirement Income Later (DGAs)

    No, this isn't a contradictory message. Rather, it's a straightforward way to let your younger donors know that a deferred gift annuity could be both a gift and a savvy retirement strategy, all in one! This brochure shows donors one of the best advantages of a deferred gift annuity: it boosts their retirement income. It also encourages them to give now, since starting early produces the greatest benefits.

    This message is sure to put a new spin on charitable giving, especially for younger donors not familiar with how a deferred gift annuity works.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction: “Like the rest of us, you are counting on a healthy retirement account that will support you financially in your retirement years. But here's another retirement strategy.”
    • Give now
    • Increase your retirement income later
    • Dependable retirement income for life
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  3. Like the Rock of Gibraltar (CGAs)

    Like the Rock of Gibraltar (CGAs)

    The current economic climate is challenging and full of uncertainties — we're not telling you anything you and your donors don't already know. Assets — including those owned by your donors — have tumbled in value.

    Is there anything your donors can rely on in these uncertain times? There is, and it is called the charitable gift annuity. In fact, the payments are rock solid, just like the Rock of Gibraltar. That's the message of this brochure. It appeals to prospects, and it's a great way to market gift annuities.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • "Satisfaction — that's what we hear from our charitable gift annuity donors. Satisfaction in supporting [your nonprofit]. But in addition to that satisfaction, what makes a charitable gift annuity so solid? So, well, like the Rock of Gibraltar?"
      • It's reliable
      • It's unchanging
      • It's recurring
      • It's lasting
    • Follow-Up — "We'd be delighted to prepare a personalized gift annuity illustration for you."
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  4. What Happens If...

    What Happens If...

    Use this brochure as a gentle wake-up call to your donors to let them know the consequences of dying without a will.

    Most of your communications to your donors about wills tells them the good things a will can accomplish. But have you told them about what happens if they don't have a will? This piece motivates them to take action by illustrating the importance of estate planning. Plus they will be encouraged to think about the charitable bequests also explained in the brochure.

    Once a donor puts your organization in to their will, very few will ever take it out again!

    How this document is structured:

    • Introduction “You know that having a will is important, both for you and your family — what happens if you die without a will?”
    • Who decides? (Not you!) Implications for your heirs
    • What are you waiting for?
    • Contact us for complimentary information on writing your will.
    • Please consider including us in your will.
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  5. A Big Thumbs Up! (CGAs)

    A Big Thumbs Up! (CGAs)

    Donors give gift annuities a big thumbs up. Why? There are lots of reasons, and this brochure highlights some of the best. If you need a rah rah article about gift annuities, this is it.

    How this document is organized:

    • Introduction: "A fixed, regular income for as long as you live."
    • They are easy
    • They pay very attractive rates.
    • They provide fixed payments for life.
    • They support our mission.
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  6. Make Two Gifts With Your Next Gift Annuity

    Make Two Gifts With Your Next Gift Annuity

    Here's a new angle for reaching out to donors who want to be generous to your organization and someone they love. Have you told them that a gift annuity can be an ideal way to provide assistance to a loved one, like an aging parent, aunt, uncle, child, or close friend? After reading this brochure your donors will see a whole new aspect of how a gift annuity can spread benefits around. So they just might be motivated to establish another gift annuity for someone other than themselves or their spouses — and that gift annuity benefits your organization, too.

    How the content is structured:

    • Introduction
    • "You can give a lifelong income to someone else."
    • A birthday present for mom
    • Boost an adult child's retirement plans
    • Must the annuitant be a family member?
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  7. One Good Gift Deserves Another

    One Good Gift Deserves Another

    This brochure encourages donors who have gift annuities to consider funding another one.

    It reminds donors of the benefits of a charitable gift annuity that go beyond the tax advantages, emphasizing why setting up more than one makes sense. Your annuitants enjoy the satisfaction of supporting a mission they care about; they qualify for a higher rates as they get older; and they can count on the financial security — which is especially important in these challenging economic times.

    How this document is structured:

    • Introduction — "Many of our friends have established more than one charitable gift annuity. Some even establish new ones regularly…"
    • Keep the customer satisfied.
    • Financial security: a great way to lock in a fixed, guaranteed payout rate for life.
    • It gets better with age.
    • The work you support matters to you: You've been a steadfast supporter.
    • "We appreciate your vote of confidence in us."
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  8. Benefits Galore! (CGAs)

    Benefits Galore! (CGAs)

    The charitable gift annuity is truly a gift full of benefits. It provides important major support for your charity. And it also delivers a number of other impressive benefits to the donor. This brochure shows the advantages to potential donors, one by one. When your donors read them, they might just be giving you call asking how they can get all these wonderful benefits for themselves.

    How this document is organized:

    • Introduction: Yes, it is a gift, no doubt about that. But it can and does provide so many benefits to you. Let's take a look at them, one by one
    • Income for Life: Each and every year for the rest of your life
    • Impressive Rates
    • Safe and Secure
    • Income and Estate Tax Savings
    • Support for a Significant Mission
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  9. Where There's a Will There's a Way

    Where There's a Will There's a Way

    This brochure features clear, concise copy that explains the basics of what an endowment is, how it works, and what it can mean to both the donor and your organization.

    Can also be used as an article/column.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction “As a strong supporter of [Your Nonprofit]…”
    • Definition of an endowment
    • How an endowment works
    • Invitation to contact you for more information
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  10. It's All in the Family (Endowments)

    It's All in the Family (Endowments)

    Use this article to stimulate discussion within your donors' families. Encourage them to make their philanthropy a family affair.

    Let's talk about families and philanthropy: As adults, we strive to instill good values in our children, and for many of us, philanthropy is one of those values. Establishing an endowment that reflects a donor's family both in name and ideals is a powerful philanthropic tool.

    This is an appealing message to those donors who will want to establish a family endowment for your organization, involving their family members in the process.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • "More and more parents are engaging their children and sometimes grandchildren in the philanthropic process."
    • Endowed family funds
    • Offer to announce a fund to the establisher's family/friends
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  11. Relax, It's Revocable! (Gift Planning Overview)

    Relax, It's Revocable! (Gift Planning Overview)

    Even donors who want to support your mission may be loathe to part with assets irrevocably.

    This brochure cuts to the chase on revocable gifts that donors can make today that cost them nothing, and that can be modified if needed. The piece encourages donors to make one of these revocable gifts and then relax! So donors who just aren't ready to permanently part with assets will understand the simplicity and ease of gifts that enable them to retain their peace of mind.

    The copy can be modified to serve equally well as an article/column or newsletter content.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction — "In our communications, we've mentioned various kinds of gift plans for you to consider."
    • Explanation of the most popular revocable gifts: bequest; beneficiary of life insurance; beneficiary of a retirement plan.
    • What it means to be "revocable"
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  12. Some Gifts Are Bad for You — and That's Not Good!

    Some Gifts Are Bad for You — and That's Not Good!

    There many ways to give that you encourage your donors to consider, but you never want to encourage or accept as a gift that will harm your donor's financial or personal situation. Gifts should work for your donors and for you — never only one or the other.

    This brochure carries a strong reminder to your donors that you have their best interests in mind, that you are ethical and honest, and that they can trust you when discussing gift options. Demonstrating your professionalism and ethics will instill confidence in your prospects and make them more likely to want to support your nonprofit.

    The copy can be modified to serve as newsletter content, a brochure, or an article/column.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introductory paragraphs mentioning several types of planned gifts
    • Warning to donor not to give a gift that will do them personal financial harm
    • Invitation to contact your organization for further discussion.
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