Four Times a Year (CGAs)

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Most donors elect to receive their annuity payments quarterly, or four times a year. Every check or direct deposit is a reminder that they've established a gift annuity with your organization.

This "feel good" article invites the donor — and potential donor — to visualize the regular reminders of what their gift annuity means to them and to your organization. Use this to help potential donors imagine themselves as wise benefactors who made a very good decision, and to cultivate current donors before asking them to consider another gift.

How the copy is structured:

  • Introduction: β€œMost of our annuitants select quarterly payments, so every three months. Each of these checks gives you another reason to reflect on what your gift means.”
  • The Win-Win Relationship
  • When You Receive Your Quarterly Check
  • Plenty of Good Thoughts Come with Your Check

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Primary Topic

  • Charitable Gift Annuities

Marketing Use

  • Marketing Starter Series

Suggested Format

  • Brochure / E-Brochure
  • Column / Article
  • Newsletter Copy

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  • 590

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  • Four Times a Year