Lead Trusts Work Better Than Ever!

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A timely, targeted bulletin to your wealthiest prospects, entrepreneurs and family business owners. Tells them that when we have lower interest rates that means lower estate and gift tax on the remainder of the lead trust that will pass to heirs — so heirs will get more assets at the end of the trust term. Includes overview of how lead trusts work, to get readers up-to-speed in considering a gift.

A persuasive communication designed to motivate prospects to take action now.

Note: Same copy is available in letter format ("Lead Trusts Work Better Than Ever!"). Do not download both documents since the copy is essentially the same.

How the copy is structured:

  • How do lead trusts work?
    • Two ways a lead trust reduces the cost of passing property to your designated beneficiaries
  • Other important details

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Primary Topic

  • Charitable Lead Trusts

Marketing Use

  • Gift Plans for the Financially Savvy Series

Suggested Format

  • Newsletter Copy

No. of Words

  • 500

Suggested Headline

  • Lead Trusts Work Better Than Ever!