Like the Rock of Gibraltar (CGAs)

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The current economic climate is challenging and full of uncertainties β€” we're not telling you anything you and your donors don't already know. Assets β€” including those owned by your donors β€” have tumbled in value.

Is there anything your donors can rely on in these uncertain times? There is, and it is called the charitable gift annuity. In fact, the payments are rock solid, just like the Rock of Gibraltar. That's the message of this brochure. It appeals to prospects, and it's a great way to market gift annuities.

How the copy is structured:

  • Introduction
  • "Satisfaction — that's what we hear from our charitable gift annuity donors. Satisfaction in supporting [your nonprofit]. But in addition to that satisfaction, what makes a charitable gift annuity so solid? So, well, like the Rock of Gibraltar?"
    • It's reliable
    • It's unchanging
    • It's recurring
    • It's lasting
  • Follow-Up — "We'd be delighted to prepare a personalized gift annuity illustration for you."

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Primary Topic

  • Charitable Gift Annuities

Marketing Use

  • Marketing Starter Series

Suggested Format

  • Brochure / E-Brochure
  • Column / Article

No. of Words

  • 345

Suggested Headline

  • Like the Rock of Gibraltar