Make Two Gifts With Your Next Gift Annuity

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Here's a new angle for reaching out to donors who want to be generous to your organization and someone they love. Have you told them that a gift annuity can be an ideal way to provide assistance to a loved one, like an aging parent, aunt, uncle, child, or close friend? After reading this brochure your donors will see a whole new aspect of how a gift annuity can spread benefits around. So they just might be motivated to establish another gift annuity for someone other than themselves or their spouses β€” and that gift annuity benefits your organization, too.

How the content is structured:

  • Introduction
  • "You can give a lifelong income to someone else."
  • A birthday present for mom
  • Boost an adult child's retirement plans
  • Must the annuitant be a family member?

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  • Charitable Gift Annuities (For Loved Ones!)

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  • Marketing Starter Series

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  • Brochure / E-Brochure
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  • Make Two Gifts With Your Next Gift Annuity