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  1. What Will You Leave Behind?

    What Will You Leave Behind?

    Most of us want to do good deeds, and some of us would like to be remembered for them.

    This brochure encourages donors to ask themselves how they can continue to make an impact long after they are gone. It explains that one of the easiest ways is through their estate plans. The copy informs donors of the significance of including your organization in their estate plans, and the many ways that such planned gifts can benefit your organization.

    Can also be used as newsletter content, or as an article/column.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction “Most of us want to do good deeds...”
    • What would a provision for [Your Nonprofit] in my estate plan say?
    • Our mission is important to you.
    • You trust us to do the good work.
    • You want to provide a financial boost.
    • You want to inspire others like you to leave legacies of their own.
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  2. We Take Trade Ins (CGAs)

    We Take Trade Ins (CGAs)

    Why not ask your donors to consider trading in a bequest for a charitable gift annuity?

    This brochure take a creative approach to explaining the many reasons why a charitable gift annuity makes sense for your donor: the satisfaction of seeing their gift in action, the charitable tax deduction, and the dependable payments for life at a very favorable rate.

    Even though this document encourages them to "trade in" their bequest for a gift annuity, most donors will love the benefits of their gift annuity with your organization so much that they'll never take you out of the will. And even if they do, they have just given you a realized, current gift instead of a revocable gift that might disappear before it's received.

    In fact, the steady income from the gift annuity could help your donor avoid liquidating estate assets. This brochure gives them an extra incentive to establish a gift annuity in addition.

    The copy can be modified to serve as newsletter content, a solicitation letter, or an article/column.

    How this document is organized:

    • Introduction: “We take trade ins — you can "trade in" some of your bequest assets for a charitable gift annuity.”
    • Receive more income now
    • Pay less taxes
    • Make your income steady and reliable
    • “We can show you a complimentary, customized gift annuity illustration…”
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  3. Income For the Rainy Day of Your Choice (Gift Annuities)

    Income For the Rainy Day of Your Choice (Gift Annuities)

    The flexible gift annuity is the perfect gift type for a special group of your prospects – but they may never have heard of it. With this brochure you can tell them everything they need to know. This brochure explains how donors can create a flexible gift annuity, and defer the start of payments until a date they can choose later.

    Donors that don't need immediate income choose a deferred gift annuity so they set a future date when they want their payments to start. But what about donors who don't know yet when that should be? The flexible charitable gift annuity gives them the freedom to decide later when they start receiving those payments.

    Target this brochure to your younger Baby Boomers and Generation X donors — those five or more years this side of retirement.

    How this document is organized:

    • Introduction
    • "Is there a charitable gift plan that can make payments in the future, and give me the option to decide start receiving payments when I'm certain about my retirement date? Absolutely!"
    • Start receiving payments when you know you're ready to retire
    • You can choose a range of possible retirement dates
    • Good reasons to consider this as part of your retirement planning
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  4. Four Times a Year (CGAs)

    Four Times a Year (CGAs)

    Most donors elect to receive their annuity payments quarterly, or four times a year. Every check or direct deposit is a reminder that they've established a gift annuity with your organization.

    This "feel good" article invites the donor — and potential donor — to visualize the regular reminders of what their gift annuity means to them and to your organization. Use this to help potential donors imagine themselves as wise benefactors who made a very good decision, and to cultivate current donors before asking them to consider another gift.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction: “Most of our annuitants select quarterly payments, so every three months. Each of these checks gives you another reason to reflect on what your gift means.”
    • The Win-Win Relationship
    • When You Receive Your Quarterly Check
    • Plenty of Good Thoughts Come with Your Check
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  5. Benefits Galore! (CGAs)

    Benefits Galore! (CGAs)

    The charitable gift annuity is truly a gift full of benefits. It provides important major support for your charity. And it also delivers a number of other impressive benefits to the donor. This brochure shows the advantages to potential donors, one by one. When your donors read them, they might just be giving you call asking how they can get all these wonderful benefits for themselves.

    How this document is organized:

    • Introduction: Yes, it is a gift, no doubt about that. But it can and does provide so many benefits to you. Let's take a look at them, one by one
    • Income for Life: Each and every year for the rest of your life
    • Impressive Rates
    • Safe and Secure
    • Income and Estate Tax Savings
    • Support for a Significant Mission
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  6. One Good Gift Deserves Another

    One Good Gift Deserves Another

    This brochure encourages donors who have gift annuities to consider funding another one.

    It reminds donors of the benefits of a charitable gift annuity that go beyond the tax advantages, emphasizing why setting up more than one makes sense. Your annuitants enjoy the satisfaction of supporting a mission they care about; they qualify for a higher rates as they get older; and they can count on the financial security — which is especially important in these challenging economic times.

    How this document is structured:

    • Introduction — "Many of our friends have established more than one charitable gift annuity. Some even establish new ones regularly…"
    • Keep the customer satisfied.
    • Financial security: a great way to lock in a fixed, guaranteed payout rate for life.
    • It gets better with age.
    • The work you support matters to you: You've been a steadfast supporter.
    • "We appreciate your vote of confidence in us."
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  7. Make Two Gifts With Your Next Gift Annuity

    Make Two Gifts With Your Next Gift Annuity

    Here's a new angle for reaching out to donors who want to be generous to your organization and someone they love. Have you told them that a gift annuity can be an ideal way to provide assistance to a loved one, like an aging parent, aunt, uncle, child, or close friend? After reading this brochure your donors will see a whole new aspect of how a gift annuity can spread benefits around. So they just might be motivated to establish another gift annuity for someone other than themselves or their spouses — and that gift annuity benefits your organization, too.

    How the content is structured:

    • Introduction
    • "You can give a lifelong income to someone else."
    • A birthday present for mom
    • Boost an adult child's retirement plans
    • Must the annuitant be a family member?
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  8. A Big Thumbs Up! (CGAs)

    A Big Thumbs Up! (CGAs)

    Donors give gift annuities a big thumbs up. Why? There are lots of reasons, and this brochure highlights some of the best. If you need a rah rah article about gift annuities, this is it.

    How this document is organized:

    • Introduction: "A fixed, regular income for as long as you live."
    • They are easy
    • They pay very attractive rates.
    • They provide fixed payments for life.
    • They support our mission.
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  9. Give Now, Increase Your Retirement Income Later (DGAs)

    Give Now, Increase Your Retirement Income Later (DGAs)

    No, this isn't a contradictory message. Rather, it's a straightforward way to let your younger donors know that a deferred gift annuity could be both a gift and a savvy retirement strategy, all in one! This brochure shows donors one of the best advantages of a deferred gift annuity: it boosts their retirement income. It also encourages them to give now, since starting early produces the greatest benefits.

    This message is sure to put a new spin on charitable giving, especially for younger donors not familiar with how a deferred gift annuity works.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction: “Like the rest of us, you are counting on a healthy retirement account that will support you financially in your retirement years. But here's another retirement strategy.”
    • Give now
    • Increase your retirement income later
    • Dependable retirement income for life
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  10. Your Car Gets a Check-up; Why Not Your Will?

    Your Car Gets a Check-up; Why Not Your Will?

    This is a strong, serious and clear wake-up call to prospects who tell you that they can't make a charitable bequest because they've already written their will. Your objective as a fundraiser is to prod these folks into re-examining their estate plans, and, in the process, to add a bequest to your organization.

    Copy gets readers wondering if their will is too old, ignores recent tax-law changes, benefits family no longer alive or those who have already gotten lifetime gifts, or won't work in the new state to which they've retired (plenty of other potential defects are highlighted, too). The close is a direct solicitation to add a bequest to your organization when the will is revised, and a link to you for more information and follow-up.

    May be used as brochure, newsletter or article.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction ("How often do you go to your doctor? Add reviewing your will to your check-up schedule.")
    • How up-to-date is my will?
    • What if I have changed my mind about some things? Does my will reflect that?
    • How valid is my will?
    • Where is my will?
    • Do the appropriate people have a copy?
    • What do I want my legacy to be?
    • Sources of more information and assistance.
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  11. Excuses, Excuses (Bequests)

    Excuses, Excuses (Bequests)

    For those prospects who haven’t responded to your earlier bequest campaign solicitations: Here’s a no-nonsense rebuttal to the most-common reasons prospects give for not planning their estates and writing a will. The reasons are revealed to be simply "excuses" that prevent prospects from helping themselves, their families and your organization.

    How the copy is structured:

    • The most common excuses are explicitly listed in bullet format, so anyone reading the document will easily find the ones that apply to them.
    • The copy then explains that prospects can easily get estate planning information from you, simply by asking for it, and that you are ready to help them start moving toward the satisfaction and security they will derive from drawing up a valid will.
    • This is a strong, kick-in-the-backside piece that’s designed to grab prospects’ attention and lay out the facts they need to know.
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  12. Making Estate Planning Easy

    Making Estate Planning Easy

    Here is the detailed, definitive checklist that your prospects can keep beside them when they plan their wills.

    It provides a thorough listing of the documents individuals should have handy, the assets they'll need to identify and value, and the family and charitable decisions they'll have to make. This guide will save your prospects time and money when their lawyer begins to prepare their will. Of course, readers are guided to you for additional information and follow-up.

    Makes an excellent donor gift, premium or leave-behind, and is an integral piece in a bequest campaign.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction — "You know it is something you need to do, but it sounds overwhelming. Where do you start? What information do you need? How do you get your estate plan in place?"
    • Gather the documents (examples of 9 typical, important documents)
    • Gather the facts (examples of 9 typical lists and facts)
    • Determine Your net worth (a simple "how-to")
    • What are your estate goals? (Five examples, the last one asking readers to leave a legacy, then guiding them to you for follow up)
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