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  1. 2019 Ultimate Quick Reference Planned Giving Pocket Guide

    2019 Ultimate Quick Reference Planned Giving Pocket Guide

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    Includes Gift Comparison Chart.

    Our most popular product. More than 4000 sold. The insiders' guide to what planned gifts can do for your donors and for your organization.

    Slip this handy booklet into your pocket before your next round of prospect calls. It's not another ways-of-giving brochure — it's a "why's of giving" that helps you better understand the upside and downside of different giving options for both you and your prospects. Use the guide to gain more satisfied donors and better financial results for your non-profit.

    Contact us for information on quantity discounts. As low as $17.95 per copy.

    Save $11 on shipping for orders of 10 or more. 

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    [Gift Comparison Chart]

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  2. Excuses, Excuses (Bequests)

    Excuses, Excuses (Bequests)

    For those prospects who haven’t responded to your earlier bequest campaign solicitations: Here’s a no-nonsense rebuttal to the most-common reasons prospects give for not planning their estates and writing a will. The reasons are revealed to be simply "excuses" that prevent prospects from helping themselves, their families and your organization.

    How the copy is structured:

    • The most common excuses are explicitly listed in bullet format, so anyone reading the document will easily find the ones that apply to them.
    • The copy then explains that prospects can easily get estate planning information from you, simply by asking for it, and that you are ready to help them start moving toward the satisfaction and security they will derive from drawing up a valid will.
    • This is a strong, kick-in-the-backside piece that’s designed to grab prospects’ attention and lay out the facts they need to know.
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  3. Are You a Done It or a Want To Do It? (Bequests)

    Are You a Done It or a Want To Do It? (Bequests)

    This brochure/article provides direct encouragement to your prospects to get started writing their wills. The upbeat theme focuses on the satisfaction and peace of mind they will feel after the job is done.

    Your nonprofit is foregrounded as the trustworthy source of information prospects can turn to as they undertake the task. Copy concludes with a strong appeal to consider a gift to your organization after family needs are attended to, and guides prospects to you for follow-up.

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  4. It Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist To Write a Will

    It Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist To Write a Will

    This straightforward brochure/article delivers a no-nonsense message that begins the process of motivating your prospects to write a will and include a bequest for your organization in it.

    The piece kicks off with a “grabber” headline. The body copy acknowledges that people put off the task, and then guides readers to you for help in getting started.

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  5. Be a Boy Scout and Be Prepared (Bequests)

    Be a Boy Scout and Be Prepared (Bequests)

    Approximately 60 percent of your supporters will die without a will. This upbeat and friendly brochure uses a folksy "be prepared" theme push prospects out of their inertia about writing a will — the greatest impediment you face in closing more estate gifts.

    Readers are guided to your organization for a will kit (we can help you assemble it) that will give them the information and encouragement they need to begin planning their estates. They are also encouraged to include a bequest to your organization, and then directed to you for follow-up information.

    Be sure to look over our broad selection bequest pieces. Each features a slightly different tone. You can chose the one that best communicates to your prospects — or alternate 2 or 3 different pieces throughout your bequest campaign.

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  6. Making Estate Planning Easy

    Making Estate Planning Easy

    Here is the detailed, definitive checklist that your prospects can keep beside them when they plan their wills.

    It provides a thorough listing of the documents individuals should have handy, the assets they'll need to identify and value, and the family and charitable decisions they'll have to make. This guide will save your prospects time and money when their lawyer begins to prepare their will. Of course, readers are guided to you for additional information and follow-up.

    Makes an excellent donor gift, premium or leave-behind, and is an integral piece in a bequest campaign.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction — "You know it is something you need to do, but it sounds overwhelming. Where do you start? What information do you need? How do you get your estate plan in place?"
    • Gather the documents (examples of 9 typical, important documents)
    • Gather the facts (examples of 9 typical lists and facts)
    • Determine Your net worth (a simple "how-to")
    • What are your estate goals? (Five examples, the last one asking readers to leave a legacy, then guiding them to you for follow up)
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  7. Securing Your Organization's Future

    Securing Your Organization's Future

    As you transition your prospects from annual giving to endowment/long-term/major giving, you may want to step back to educate them about what your endowment is and what it does for your organization.

    This brochure supplies technical information about how an endowment holds donations and makes distributions while inspiring and motivating readers to perpetuate their own giving through an endowment.

    Powerful, compelling copy lets prospects know that they can set up a permanent or term endowment easily, and activate an endowed fund through lifetime gifts plus final funding in a bequest. They are then guided to you for additional information and follow-up.

    May be modified for use as a column/article or newsletter content.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction — "What is the endowment?"
    • Types of endowments (permanent and term endowments)
    • Named Funds ("Place your name or that of a loved one on an endowed fund.")
    • How does the fund grow?
    • How do you create one? How do you contribute to it? Etc.
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  8. The Care and Feeding of Your Will

    The Care and Feeding of Your Will

    Some of your prospects have already written their wills and will tune out your solicitations for a bequest to your organization. Clever and targeted marketing that encourages them to review their estate plans and update their wills can create the opening you need to get them to consider a charitable bequest.

    This low-key, thoughtful brochure/article plants anxieties in prospects who have so far been ignoring your bequest appeals, and works as an opening for our other targeted pieces on updating wills and adding charitable bequests.

    The piece reminds readers that wills are often written in haste: just before a trip; when illness threatens; in quick reaction to the struggles of the family of a friend who died without a will. The copy tells your prospects that just because they have a will doesn't mean that it will still work as accurately or efficiently as they expect.

    "Life is full of changes, and when the changes are those that could impact your will, it's time to get that document out, review it, and determine if it needs updating...”

    The copy can be modified to serve as newsletter content, a brochure, or an article/column.

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  9. Don't Just Make a Gift - Plan It (Gift Planning Overview)

    Don't Just Make a Gift - Plan It (Gift Planning Overview)

    Typical ways-of-giving pieces can confuse readers with poor organization and too much detail. But this brochure gives your prospects the Big Picture – clearly and concisely – of all their planned gift options. We've grouped the gifts into three logical categories, then described how each one works. (Remember, you can edit out of the piece any gift plans you do not want to include!) The prospect is then guided to you for more information and follow-up.

    Fairly short, yet comprehensive, this is a cost-effective, prospect-focused, benefits-based alternative to the traditional ways-of-giving brochure, which too often soaks up too much of your marketing budget while delivering too few leads.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction (“A well-planned gift can achieve your goals, and prospects' goals at the same time.”)
    • Strategy #1: Give an asset instead of cash (discusses all simple assets to give)
    • Strategy #2: Make a gift that pays you back (discusses CGAs, CRTs and Bargain Sales)
    • Strategy #3: Make a gift that costs you nothing during your lifetime (discusses Bequests and introduces the codicil. Also covers IRAs, Life Insurance and, as an option, a Retained Life Estate.)
    • Take the next step…
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  10. Don't Worry. You Don't Need a Will. The Government Will Take Care of it for You.

    Don't Worry. You Don't Need a Will. The Government Will Take Care of it for You.


    Do you like that title? So will your prospects. It will catch their eye, pique their interest, and ensure that your message gets through.

    And what a message! This article uses irony and humor to drive home the point: Everyone needs a will, and if you don’t take the time to write one properly, you won’t have any say in the disposition of your estate and many related matters.

    Sound advice about estate planning never had a punchier presentation — and so much the better for you to suggest your prospect include your organization in their estate plans.

    Bold, slightly off-center, compelling — find it here on PlannedGiving.Com.

    This is a premium product. It won't cost that much more if we design and print this piece for you.

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  11. Your Car Gets a Check-up; Why Not Your Will?

    Your Car Gets a Check-up; Why Not Your Will?

    This is a strong, serious and clear wake-up call to prospects who tell you that they can't make a charitable bequest because they've already written their will. Your objective as a fundraiser is to prod these folks into re-examining their estate plans, and, in the process, to add a bequest to your organization.

    Copy gets readers wondering if their will is too old, ignores recent tax-law changes, benefits family no longer alive or those who have already gotten lifetime gifts, or won't work in the new state to which they've retired (plenty of other potential defects are highlighted, too). The close is a direct solicitation to add a bequest to your organization when the will is revised, and a link to you for more information and follow-up.

    May be used as brochure, newsletter or article.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction ("How often do you go to your doctor? Add reviewing your will to your check-up schedule.")
    • How up-to-date is my will?
    • What if I have changed my mind about some things? Does my will reflect that?
    • How valid is my will?
    • Where is my will?
    • Do the appropriate people have a copy?
    • What do I want my legacy to be?
    • Sources of more information and assistance.
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  12. Renew Your Current Subscription for Basic Essentials

    Renew Your Current Subscription for Basic Essentials

    Renew Your Current Subscription for Basic Essentials

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