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  1. Introduction to Planned Giving

    Introduction to Planned Giving

    This elegantly written, easy-to-understand letter gently introduces (or re-introduces) the concept of "giving wisely" (i.e., planned giving) to your prospects. It also works well in guiding your prospects to that spiffy new gift planning website you've just uploaded! But even if you haven't got your gift planning website up and running yet, this letter is a great way to reach out to your prospects with critical basic concepts about planned giving.

    NOTE: This letter is also available at significant savings as part of a convenient and effective combination package, Product 2007.

    Planned giving is news! Instead of leaving it to chance, encourage your prospects to contact you or visit your website to discover how they can make a bigger difference for your nonprofit — and themselves — than they may have thought possible. This personalized and customizable letter is just what you need.

    Designed to appeal to prospects by highlighting the benefits of gift planning, this letter can be adapted for use as a fundraiser's column in your publications, or as a secondary article in a newsletter. It's easy!

    NOTE: Same copy is available ready to go in newsletter/column format. See Product 1018 Do not download both these documents since the copy is essentially the same.

    How the letter is organized:

    • Introductory paragraph (personalize with information about your organization)
    • Bulleted items highlighting several benefits of gift planning ("Did you know...?")
    • Call to action
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  2. It's All in the Family (Endowments)

    It's All in the Family (Endowments)

    Use this article to stimulate discussion within your donors' families. Encourage them to make their philanthropy a family affair.

    Let's talk about families and philanthropy: As adults, we strive to instill good values in our children, and for many of us, philanthropy is one of those values. Establishing an endowment that reflects a donor's family both in name and ideals is a powerful philanthropic tool.

    This is an appealing message to those donors who will want to establish a family endowment for your organization, involving their family members in the process.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • "More and more parents are engaging their children and sometimes grandchildren in the philanthropic process."
    • Endowed family funds
    • Offer to announce a fund to the establisher's family/friends
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  3. For The Duration (CGAs)

    For The Duration (CGAs)

    If your donors don't really understand that gift annuity payments last for the duration of donors’ lives, then they need to read this! And you need them to read it, too.

    Receiving regular, annual payments from gift annuities attracts many donors for first-time giving, and attracts many back to set up the same kind of gift again. So ensure that your prospects know about them! This brochure drives home a critical, benefits-based message with clear, persuasive copy.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction: “The charitable gift annuity — it’s the gift that gives back, and it gives back for the duration — the duration of your life.”
    • How a gift annuity works
    • An example with numbers
    • Offer of no-obligation gift annuity illustration
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  4. We Take Trade Ins (CGAs)

    We Take Trade Ins (CGAs)

    Why not ask your donors to consider trading in a bequest for a charitable gift annuity?

    This brochure take a creative approach to explaining the many reasons why a charitable gift annuity makes sense for your donor: the satisfaction of seeing their gift in action, the charitable tax deduction, and the dependable payments for life at a very favorable rate.

    Even though this document encourages them to "trade in" their bequest for a gift annuity, most donors will love the benefits of their gift annuity with your organization so much that they'll never take you out of the will. And even if they do, they have just given you a realized, current gift instead of a revocable gift that might disappear before it's received.

    In fact, the steady income from the gift annuity could help your donor avoid liquidating estate assets. This brochure gives them an extra incentive to establish a gift annuity in addition.

    The copy can be modified to serve as newsletter content, a solicitation letter, or an article/column.

    How this document is organized:

    • Introduction: “We take trade ins — you can "trade in" some of your bequest assets for a charitable gift annuity.”
    • Receive more income now
    • Pay less taxes
    • Make your income steady and reliable
    • “We can show you a complimentary, customized gift annuity illustration…”
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  5. There For You

    There For You

    The charitable gift annuity has been the most popular life-income gift for decades. It's an easy gift that many donors can afford. In fact, many annuitants wonder how they afforded to pay their bills before they funded their annuities.

    Especially during challenging economic times, safe and predictable annuity payments will appeal to your supporters. Those annuity payments keep coming, year in and year out, whether the stock market is up or down.

    This brochure focuses on this most-favorable benefit of the gift annuity — payments that don't end during your donors' lifetime. It emphasizes that your donors can rely on these payments, which is a huge comfort to them, and motivation for them to set one up. When times are tough, charitable gift annuity payments will be there for your donors. This brochure will encourage your donors decide to support your organization with new charitable gift annuities.

    The copy can be modified to also serve as a solicitation letter or an article/column.

    How this document is organized:

    • Introduction: “Nothing on earth lasts forever — all good things come to an end. Yes, that's true. But, what if you had a steady stream of income that would never slow down or decrease for as long as you live – regardless of fluctuations in the stock market?
    • Once you set up your charitable gift annuity, that's it.
    • Gift annuities mean security for your donors and for your organization.
    • “Please give us a call to learn more.”
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  6. Income For the Rainy Day of Your Choice (Gift Annuities)

    Income For the Rainy Day of Your Choice (Gift Annuities)

    The flexible gift annuity is the perfect gift type for a special group of your prospects – but they may never have heard of it. With this brochure you can tell them everything they need to know. This brochure explains how donors can create a flexible gift annuity, and defer the start of payments until a date they can choose later.

    Donors that don't need immediate income choose a deferred gift annuity so they set a future date when they want their payments to start. But what about donors who don't know yet when that should be? The flexible charitable gift annuity gives them the freedom to decide later when they start receiving those payments.

    Target this brochure to your younger Baby Boomers and Generation X donors — those five or more years this side of retirement.

    How this document is organized:

    • Introduction
    • "Is there a charitable gift plan that can make payments in the future, and give me the option to decide start receiving payments when I'm certain about my retirement date? Absolutely!"
    • Start receiving payments when you know you're ready to retire
    • You can choose a range of possible retirement dates
    • Good reasons to consider this as part of your retirement planning
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  7. One Birthday — Two Gifts (CGAs)

    One Birthday — Two Gifts (CGAs)

    A donor only has one birthday, but there can be two gifts - one for them and one for your organization.

    Here's a simple marketing strategy that you can implement right now. It is a letter to current annuitants to remind them of the opportunity to establish another annuity. This letter describes the compelling benefits of a charitable gift annuity — benefits that go beyond the payout rates, and why establishing more than one annuity makes good sense, as well as maximizing donors' satisfaction in supporting the mission they care about. The letter finally offers them customized gift illustration, with no obligation, which will show them how a gift annuity can work for them in their specific situation.

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  8. Roth IRA Conversion

    Roth IRA Conversion

    This brief letter introduces your prospects and donors to the Roth IRA Conversion by explaining how it works. The letter closes with a request that your donors designate your organization as a beneficiary of their retirement accounts.

    Suitable as a solicitation letter or an article in your newsletter.

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  9. No-Hassle Giving the No-Hassle Way

    No-Hassle Giving the No-Hassle Way

    • FACT: Less than 5% of this nation's wealth is in cash and 95% is in assets.
    • FACT: Over 85% of all planned gifts are bequests, appreciated "stuff", gifts of retirement plans and life insurance.
    • FACT: These gifts are easy to give and do not affect donors' cash flow during their lifetime.


    What does this tell us about what you should be asking your donors to give and how they should give? Plenty!

    You should consider asking for non-cash assets the simplest way possible – through a bequest. For the other assets tucked inside retirement plans, financial accounts and in paid-up insurance policies, beneficiary forms are an easy way to designate the individuals and organizations to whom those assets should go.

    Given the prevalence of these assets and the ease with which bequests and beneficiary designations can be used to accomplish the gifting, doesn't it just make sense to market them to your donors? This friendly and persuasive e-brochure (can also be modified into a newsletter article or a solicitation letter) is just the thing to get that message across!

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  10. Year-End Giving

    Year-End Giving

    Every year you want to find compelling reasons for your donors to make the year-end gifts that are so vital to your organization. Well, this year there are plenty of such reasons. his solicitation letter tells your prospects about them

    This letter highlights ways to benefit your organization that don't even require donors to open their checkbooks. Specifically highlighted are gifts of appreciated securities and charitable gift annuities. The copy encourages your donors to think outside the box about creative ways that they can support your organization and help you carry out your important mission.

    Send this compelling year-end letter to secure your organization's share of the extra giving that occurs before December 31, while maintaining focus on the larger, planned gifts that really make a difference.

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  11. Begin the Year with the Right Steps!

    Begin the Year with the Right Steps!

    If you don't constantly remind your audience about ways to give wisely, you can watch your gifts go elsewhere. So start the New Year right with two simple, yet crucial, informative solicitation letters — and we'll throw in a complimentary copy of our Ultimate Planned Giving Pocket Guide as a New Year's gift that will keep on giving!

    Start your New Year right with two simple, yet crucial, informative solicitation letters to remind your prospects about ways to give wisely:

    First, our elegantly-written, easy-to-understand attention-grabbing letter designed to gently introduce (or re-introduce) the concept of "giving wisely" (i.e., planned giving) to your prospects. Products #2000 and #2006 (together, an $140 value) are provided to cover you whether you have a planned giving website or not.

    Second, our informative letter titled "Is It Your Will or Someone Else's?" (Product #2002, a $160.00 value) encouraging prospects to focus on their estate-planning by explaining concrete reasons why a will is so important — not just for your organization, but also for them and their families. The letter also serves as another cultivation opportunity by thanking the prospect for caring about your organization. Includes sample language for a simple charitable bequest. Also asks prospect to kindly let you know if a gift has already been completed, so you can thank them.

    And finally, you will also receive a complimentary copy of our famous The Ultimate Quick Reference Planned Giving Pocket Guide, valued at $29.95. This handy little booklet is not another "ways-of-giving" brochure — it explains the "why's of giving" and helps you better understand the ups and downs of different giving options for both you and your prospects. A great tool that can be just the thing to brush up your skills! Also makes a nice gift for volunteers and board members.

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  12. Promoting Your Gift Planning Program

    Promoting Your Gift Planning Program

    Do you have a gift planning program, but haven't gotten your gift planning website up and running yet? Not to worry. You still can – and should – promote gift planning to your prospects with this persuasive direct mail solicitation letter. We suggest you use it in a targeted mailing to introduce, or reintroduce gift planning to your prospect base.

    The letter highlights gift planning benefits to increase your prospect's interest. You can also adapt the copy for use as a fundraiser's column in publications, or as a secondary article in a newsletter. It's really that simple!

    NOTE: the same copy in letter format is also available as part of Product 1018. Do not download both these documents since the copy is essentially the same.

    How the letter is structured:

    • Introduction — "Your support is of great value to us. We want it to be rewarding for you as well."
    • Brief examples of planned gift arrangements (i.e., "You can make a gift using appreciated securities," etc.)
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