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  1. Lead Trusts Work Better Than Ever! (Letter)

    Lead Trusts Work Better Than Ever! (Letter)

    A timely, targeted mailing to your wealthiest prospects, entrepreneurs and family business owners. This letter informs them that lower interest rates mean lower estate and gift tax on the remainder of the lead trust that will pass to heirs mdash; so heirs will get more assets at the end of the trust term. Includes overview of how non-grantor lead trusts work, to get readers up-to-speed on gift options.

    A persuasive communication designed to motivate prospects to take action now.

    Note: Same copy is available in newsletter copy format ("Lead Trusts Work Better Than Ever!"). Do not download both documents since the copy is essentially the same.

    How the content is structured:

    • Introduction ("Lead trusts work great right now!")
    • Why low interest rates make this a good time to set up a lead trust.
    • Additional details about lead trusts.
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  2. Charitable Planning for Entrepreneurs (Gifts of Closely Held Stock)

    Charitable Planning for Entrepreneurs (Gifts of Closely Held Stock)

    If your constituency includes wealthy prospects who own small companies or run family businesses, this focused letter presents a concise overview of the benefits of giving closely held stock. Written to get your prospects thinking about how such a gift could work for them, it can also help prepare them for a conversation with you.

    How the content is structured:

    • "Closely held stock can work to your advantage and support the mission you care about."
    • Ways to give closely held stock
      • Gifting the shares outright
      • Creating life-income gift (Flip Unitrust)
    • Tax considerations
      • Restrictions on transfer
      • Arms-length requirement
      • Closely held stock subject to debt
      • Valuation
      • Our due diligence
    • Call to action
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  3. Is It Your Will — Or Someone Else's?

    Is It Your Will — Or Someone Else's?

    An informative letter to bequest prospects to get them out of their estate-planning inertia by letting them know in concrete ways why a will is so important — not just for your organization, but also for prospects and their families.

    Also serves as another cultivation opportunity by thanking prospect for caring about your organization. Includes sample language for a simple charitable bequest. Asks prospect to kindly let you know if a gift has been completed, so you can thank them.

    A good follow-up to Marketing Essentials copy on bequest basics.

    NOTE: This language in this document has been derived from Product 1006 (bequest newsletter / article / column content). If you plan to purchase both, it is important to realize that the copy is somewhat similar.

    How the content is structured:

    • "We'd like to help you retain the same control over your legacy."
    • List of issues a will can address.
    • Sample bequest language.
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  4. Charitable Gift Annuities

    Charitable Gift Annuities

    After your initial charitable gift annuity marketing, it's wise to target subsequent marketing to the concerns of particular segments of your donors. This letter addresses the anxieties of retirees and older prospects by providing creative solutions in the form of a charitable gift annuity. The letter also highlights the difference between yields on common stocks and gift annuities.

    How the content is organized:

    • Introductory paragraph inviting prospect to consider a charitable gift annuity.
    • A list of concerns many older donors have (Are you looking for additional income now that you've retired?...).
    • Explanation of how a charitable gift annuity works.
    • Solutions to some of the previously-mentioned concerns, using a charitable gift annuity.

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  5. Thank You Letter

    Thank You Letter

    This product is FREE. It's a simple, short, personal, donor-centric thank you letter from an educational foundation or school.

    The ones below have intention forms, and the ones on this page get more specific.

    Why you need this:

    Most donors want to be thanked. Most nonprofits do a lousy job at saying thank you. You’re better than that. Increase your donor retention and encourage repeat gifts simply by saying “thank you.”

    How to use it:

    Mail to donors after they’ve made a planned gift or any kind of donation.

    • Relax! Now when a gift comes in, you have a thank you letter all ready to go.
    • Simply insert your information and ta da! In five minutes or less it’s ready to pop in the mail.
    • Capture your audience with the warm and personal message right from the opening line.
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