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The charitable gift annuity has been the most popular life-income gift for decades. It's an easy gift that many donors can afford. In fact, many annuitants wonder how they afforded to pay their bills before they funded their annuities.

Especially during challenging economic times, safe and predictable annuity payments will appeal to your supporters. Those annuity payments keep coming, year in and year out, whether the stock market is up or down.

This brochure focuses on this most-favorable benefit of the gift annuity — payments that don't end during your donors' lifetime. It emphasizes that your donors can rely on these payments, which is a huge comfort to them, and motivation for them to set one up. When times are tough, charitable gift annuity payments will be there for your donors. This brochure will encourage your donors decide to support your organization with new charitable gift annuities.

The copy can be modified to also serve as a solicitation letter or an article/column.

How this document is organized:

  • Introduction: “Nothing on earth lasts forever — all good things come to an end. Yes, that's true. But, what if you had a steady stream of income that would never slow down or decrease for as long as you live – regardless of fluctuations in the stock market?
  • Once you set up your charitable gift annuity, that's it.
  • Gift annuities mean security for your donors and for your organization.
  • “Please give us a call to learn more.”

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  • Charitable Gift Annuities

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  • Marketing Starter Series

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  • There For You