What Happens If...

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Use this brochure as a gentle wake-up call to your donors to let them know the consequences of dying without a will.

Most of your communications to your donors about wills tells them the good things a will can accomplish. But have you told them about what happens if they don't have a will? This piece motivates them to take action by illustrating the importance of estate planning. Plus they will be encouraged to think about the charitable bequests also explained in the brochure.

Once a donor puts your organization in to their will, very few will ever take it out again!

How this document is structured:

  • Introduction “You know that having a will is important, both for you and your family — what happens if you die without a will?”
  • Who decides? (Not you!) Implications for your heirs
  • What are you waiting for?
  • Contact us for complimentary information on writing your will.
  • Please consider including us in your will.

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Primary Topic

  • Bequests (Importance of a Will)

Marketing Use

  • Marketing Starter Series

Suggested Format

  • Brochure / E-Brochure

No. of Words

  • 590

Suggested Headline

  • What Happens If...