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  1. Year-End Giving Toolkit

    Year-End Giving Toolkit

    Worried about motivating your donors to make year-end gifts? Relax.

    We’ve taken the usual distraction, time commitment and stress out of the equation for you.

    Equip yourself with our comprehensive, effective and economical Year-End Giving Toolkit. The compelling messaging, donor-centric style, and technical accuracy you demand for your year-end campaign are all included – ready to go – in this Kit. The package includes a solicitation letter, postcard, brochure and article, all customizable to your organization.

    This year, don't procrastinate. You won’t have to add "copywriter," "marketing maven," or "legal eagle" to your job description, either. Our Year End Giving Toolkit will reach out to your donors clearly and compellingly while saving you money and saving your sanity!

    Our legal eagle just informed us that while we can guarantee the kit is economical and effective, we can't guarantee to save your sanity.

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  2. Why, What, How, and When (Year-End Giving)

    Why, What, How, and When (Year-End Giving)

    Many of your donors are already planning on making their charitable gifts near the end of the year. Others won't think about it until it's too late. Why not help them along with a brochure that gets right to the point of what to give, when to start planning, and how to give it? This piece will get your message across.

    Among the messages presented are:

    • charitable gifts can benefit donors in numerous ways;
    • non-cash assets can make great gifts, should be planned for in advance, and can fund gifts that provide an income stream to your donors;
    • and there are reasons to consider making next year's gifts this year.
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  3. Will You Be a Last Minute Charlie?

    Will You Be a Last Minute Charlie?

    Making charitable gifts often requires advanced planning. For example, non-cash gifts — appreciated securities, real estate, etc. — take time. While donors can place a check in the mail on December 31st, they can't decide on December 29th to make a non-cash gift; it is too late to complete the transaction before year-end. Other considerations include real estate appraisals, environmental assessments, and any unforeseen problems that may arise. To encourage the receipt of non-cash gifts, get your donors thinking about these gifts early enough so they don't become last-minute Charlies. This is a short, snappy piece to nudge them along in that direction.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction ("If you are considering the donation of something other than cash...")
    • December is a busy month for charities
    • Importance of advanced planning when involving lawyers, brokers, financial planners and money managers.
    • Start your planning process early!
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  4. Make a Gift Without Using Your Checkbook or Credit Card

    Make a Gift Without Using Your Checkbook or Credit Card

    The headline alone should get your donors' attention. Making a gift without using your credit card or checkbook — how is that possible? Savvy donors have already figured out that funding their year-end gifts with stock is a terrific idea. Why not let everyone know that they, too, can take advantage of this strategy? With this article, they will. It provides examples and explains clearly why stock makes great gifts even better.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Example of using stock to make a year-end gift
    • Advantages for the donor
    • Appeal for donor to consider using stock to make a year-end gift to [YOUR NONPROFIT]
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  5. When You Have Choices

    When You Have Choices

    Your donors have choices when they make their year-end gifts. Donors support those organizations whose mission they value so, of course, mission is a key consideration.

    But there are other important aspects of an organization that donors should consider as well — such as the value the organization places on its donors, the ethical and responsible way the organization uses donated resources, and the quality of service of the organization’s professional gift planning staff.

    This brochure explores all of the above, making a compelling case that your nonprofit is the organization your donor should support.

    How the copy is structured:

    • “We are focused on our mission...”
    • “We appreciate you as our partner...”
    • “We allocate our resources ethically and responsibly...”
    • “We provide professional gift planning services...”
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  6. The Consolidated Year-End Gift Planner

    The Consolidated Year-End Gift Planner

    Tips galore – everyone has them – ten ways to do this, five ways to do that. This brochure boils down down year-end planning to just two important questions your donors can ask themselves to help them focus on savvy year-end gift planning – and these questions focus on taxes and assets. A third “bonus” question directs donors to think about the charities -- including yours -- on their gift-giving list.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Two questions to consider:
      1. Where will you end up tax wise?
      2. What assets would you like to dispose of, and can any be used to fund a life-income arrangement, such as a charitable gift annuity or remainder trust?
    • Third "bonus" question - What charities are on your gift-giving list? Does it include [YOUR NONPROFIT]?
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  7. 2019 Ultimate Quick Reference Planned Giving Pocket Guide

    2019 Ultimate Quick Reference Planned Giving Pocket Guide

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    Includes Gift Comparison Chart.

    Our most popular product. More than 4000 sold. The insiders' guide to what planned gifts can do for your donors and for your organization.

    Slip this handy booklet into your pocket before your next round of prospect calls. It's not another ways-of-giving brochure — it's a "why's of giving" that helps you better understand the upside and downside of different giving options for both you and your prospects. Use the guide to gain more satisfied donors and better financial results for your non-profit.

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