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  1. We Take Trade Ins (CGAs)

    We Take Trade Ins (CGAs)

    Why not ask your donors to consider trading in a bequest for a charitable gift annuity?

    This brochure take a creative approach to explaining the many reasons why a charitable gift annuity makes sense for your donor: the satisfaction of seeing their gift in action, the charitable tax deduction, and the dependable payments for life at a very favorable rate.

    Even though this document encourages them to "trade in" their bequest for a gift annuity, most donors will love the benefits of their gift annuity with your organization so much that they'll never take you out of the will. And even if they do, they have just given you a realized, current gift instead of a revocable gift that might disappear before it's received.

    In fact, the steady income from the gift annuity could help your donor avoid liquidating estate assets. This brochure gives them an extra incentive to establish a gift annuity in addition.

    The copy can be modified to serve as newsletter content, a solicitation letter, or an article/column.

    How this document is organized:

    • Introduction: “We take trade ins — you can "trade in" some of your bequest assets for a charitable gift annuity.”
    • Receive more income now
    • Pay less taxes
    • Make your income steady and reliable
    • “We can show you a complimentary, customized gift annuity illustration…”
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  2. The Sky's the Limit

    The Sky's the Limit

    Your very best prospects for gift annuities are the people who have already funded one, two, or more!

    Take advantage of this important dynamic! Use this brochure to build repeat annuitants at your organization. The copy encourages your charitable gift annuitants (who are your best prospects) to think about setting up additional gift annuities. There is no maximum! In fact some donors get into the habit of setting one up every year.

    The copy can be modified to also serve as newsletter content, or an article/column.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • “Question: How many charitable gift annuities should you set up? Answer: The sky's the limit! If you are wondering why anyone would set up more than one.”
    • It's an easy annual gift to make gift annuities provide confidence and security
    • The good samaritan
    • You really like [Your Organization]
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  3. Put Some Gold in Those Golden Years! (CGAs)

    Put Some Gold in Those Golden Years! (CGAs)

    Why do they call them the "golden years"? We think it could be the "gold" that a charitable gift annuity can put in those years!

    For your more senior prospects in particular, this brochure explains that charitable gift annuities offer not only attractive payout rates (that get higher with age) but also the stable, secure income payments that can be vital to those in retirement. And then there's the security of gift annuity investments — golden indeed!

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction — "Is there anything about getting older that really pays off? Absolutely! With a charitable gift annuity."
    • How getting older can be a good thing
    • Rate chart included!
    • A solution if you're living on a fixed income
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  4. Diversify for Retirement (CGAs)

    Diversify for Retirement (CGAs)

    If your prospects are interested in diversifying their investment portfolio for retirement, but are worried about complications arising from the selling of assets and exposure to capital gains tax, then this article is for you. It explains something many prospects don’t realize: Portfolio diversification is one of the advantages of establishing a charitable gift annuity.

    If the donor uses appreciated, marketable securities to fund a charitable gift annuity, he or she won't have to sell the asset. And there are capital gains tax advantages to this strategy, too. This article explains all of that and more!

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction: "It's wise to diversify your portfolio"
    • You may not be aware that charitable giving and diversification can work together
    • Pay fewer taxes
    • A gift annuity helps you diversify your retirement
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  5. Give Your Retirement a Boost (CGAs & DGAs)

    Give Your Retirement a Boost (CGAs & DGAs)

    Here's some information you'll want to share that with your younger Baby Boom and Generation X donors, because they will want to take advantage of this excellent gift opportunity.

    This brochure helps them understand how charitable giving and retirement planning can work together with a deferred charitable gift annuity. A deferred charitable gift annuity can be a great way for them to support your nonprofit and give their retirement income a boost as well.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • “Many of you have probably started planning for your retirement. Unfortunately, the current economic climate has dealt many retirement accounts a blow.”
    • How a deferred gift annuity works
    • Factors that impact your payments (four short, to-the-point callouts)
    • Benefits
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  6. It Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist To Write a Will

    It Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist To Write a Will

    This straightforward brochure/article delivers a no-nonsense message that begins the process of motivating your prospects to write a will and include a bequest for your organization in it.

    The piece kicks off with a “grabber” headline. The body copy acknowledges that people put off the task, and then guides readers to you for help in getting started.

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  7. Are You a Done It or a Want To Do It? (Bequests)

    Are You a Done It or a Want To Do It? (Bequests)

    This brochure/article provides direct encouragement to your prospects to get started writing their wills. The upbeat theme focuses on the satisfaction and peace of mind they will feel after the job is done.

    Your nonprofit is foregrounded as the trustworthy source of information prospects can turn to as they undertake the task. Copy concludes with a strong appeal to consider a gift to your organization after family needs are attended to, and guides prospects to you for follow-up.

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  8. Excuses, Excuses (Bequests)

    Excuses, Excuses (Bequests)

    For those prospects who haven’t responded to your earlier bequest campaign solicitations: Here’s a no-nonsense rebuttal to the most-common reasons prospects give for not planning their estates and writing a will. The reasons are revealed to be simply "excuses" that prevent prospects from helping themselves, their families and your organization.

    How the copy is structured:

    • The most common excuses are explicitly listed in bullet format, so anyone reading the document will easily find the ones that apply to them.
    • The copy then explains that prospects can easily get estate planning information from you, simply by asking for it, and that you are ready to help them start moving toward the satisfaction and security they will derive from drawing up a valid will.
    • This is a strong, kick-in-the-backside piece that’s designed to grab prospects’ attention and lay out the facts they need to know.
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  9. Don't Worry. You Don't Need a Will. The Government Will Take Care of it for You.

    Don't Worry. You Don't Need a Will. The Government Will Take Care of it for You.


    Do you like that title? So will your prospects. It will catch their eye, pique their interest, and ensure that your message gets through.

    And what a message! This article uses irony and humor to drive home the point: Everyone needs a will, and if you don’t take the time to write one properly, you won’t have any say in the disposition of your estate and many related matters.

    Sound advice about estate planning never had a punchier presentation — and so much the better for you to suggest your prospect include your organization in their estate plans.

    Bold, slightly off-center, compelling — find it here on PlannedGiving.Com.

    This is a premium product. It won't cost that much more if we design and print this piece for you.

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  10. Your Car Gets a Check-up; Why Not Your Will?

    Your Car Gets a Check-up; Why Not Your Will?

    This is a strong, serious and clear wake-up call to prospects who tell you that they can't make a charitable bequest because they've already written their will. Your objective as a fundraiser is to prod these folks into re-examining their estate plans, and, in the process, to add a bequest to your organization.

    Copy gets readers wondering if their will is too old, ignores recent tax-law changes, benefits family no longer alive or those who have already gotten lifetime gifts, or won't work in the new state to which they've retired (plenty of other potential defects are highlighted, too). The close is a direct solicitation to add a bequest to your organization when the will is revised, and a link to you for more information and follow-up.

    May be used as brochure, newsletter or article.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction ("How often do you go to your doctor? Add reviewing your will to your check-up schedule.")
    • How up-to-date is my will?
    • What if I have changed my mind about some things? Does my will reflect that?
    • How valid is my will?
    • Where is my will?
    • Do the appropriate people have a copy?
    • What do I want my legacy to be?
    • Sources of more information and assistance.
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  11. If Your Will is Working 9 to 5 You Have a Problem (Bequests)

    If Your Will is Working 9 to 5 You Have a Problem (Bequests)

    Family, financial and tax changes can make a will obsolete. Here's an easy-going but effective overview that gets your prospects thinking about how births, deaths, interstate moves, and revised tax laws can require them to re-draft their "final" estate plans. The "keeping your will working well for you" copy motivates readers to review their old will, and inspires them to add a bequest to your nonprofit at the same time.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • “If you've moved, your will may not be valid in your state.”
    • Is your will in sync with your estate plan?
    • Is your will current with tax laws?
    • Have there been changes in your family?
    • Has your financial situation changed?
    • Have your assets changed in value?
    • Consider including [Your Nonprofit] in your will too!
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  12. What To Give When You're Giving

    What To Give When You're Giving

    This companion brochure to our gift plan overview (Product 3034) lets prospects know about the range of assets they can use to make their gift. The copy is technically accurate but not weighed down with jargon or legalese.

    The central theme is the flexibility donors have when they plan a major gift to your organization. The simpler assets — cash, securities, paid-up insurance, retirement-plan balances — are highlighted first. More complicated assets like real estate and artwork are also described, but the copy makes clear that your organization may not be able to accept offers of all such gifts.

    Together with our gift-plan overview, this piece will form an essential part of your marketing library. Use the two in a 1-2 sequence as e-mails or newsletter articles, or combine the pieces for a comprehensive, low-cost, introductory "Ways-of-Giving" brochure.

    How this copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • “Not only can you choose the type of gift that offers you the most rewards, but you can also select from a variety of assets that you can use to make a gift.”
    • Cash
    • Securities
    • Certificates of deposit, brokerage and bank accounts
    • Paid-up insurance policies
    • Retirement plan assets
    • Real estate
    • Other types of assets
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