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  1. Looking For Income You Can Count On? Look to a Gift Annuity

    Looking For Income You Can Count On? Look to a Gift Annuity

    Charitable gift annuities are the Next Step for organizations that are working to build their endowment and involve their donors in planned giving. Gift annuities deliver many benefits to donors and offer many features for you to promote; they are relatively easy to administer and attract donors who would not otherwise consider a major gift to your organization.

    This piece tells your prospects what a gift annuity is and what it can do for them and for you. The copy avoids technical and legal jargon and instead focuses on the benefits the gift annuity delivers. The piece is complete and accurate, yet understandable and persuasive.

    When you're ready to offer gift annuities, this piece will get your prospects listening to you.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction "If you want to benefit us, but need the income from the CD's or investments you might contribute, look at a Charitable Gift Annuity…"
    • What is a Charitable Gift Annuity?
    • How Does a Charitable Gift Annuity Work?
    • How Can it Benefit You? (six succinct, to-the-point bullets followed by explanation of the "gift portion" and "annuity portion")
    • What Do You Need to Know About Gift Annuities With YOUR ORGANIZATION?
    • How Do You Set One Up? ("It's easy...")
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  2. Flexibility and Security: The Annuity Trust

    Flexibility and Security: The Annuity Trust

    Your financially savvy prospects already know about the tax benefits of giving appreciated assets instead of cash during lifetime, and the balance of a retirement plan instead of other estate assets at death. They will tune out your marketing on these relatively simple points. To get their attention, you have to speak the language of the financial media and their own advisors.

    No, you shouldn't compete with these professional sources to deliver purely technical information. Yes, your prospects still want to know what your mission is and how their giving will help you advance it. But, financially savvy donors will leave you out of sophisticated, six-figure-plus gift plans unless you let them know that you are ready, willing and able to participate in them.

    This piece is a clear, thorough overview of what a charitable remainder annuity trust is and what it can do for your donors and for you. It's not a reprint of a memo from the prospect's lawyer or accountant; the language is informal yet persuasive, and keeps the focus on the gift element of the annuity trust.

    How this copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • How oes a charitable remainder annuity trust work?
    • What's in it for you?
    • What decisions are up to you?
    • How do you get started?
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  3. Put Your Will to Work For You

    Put Your Will to Work For You

    This informative brochure enables you to start educating your prospects about how they can transfer property after their deaths.

    It offers a clear and factual review of what a will can do to help them help their families as well as your nonprofit organization. This donor centric piece focuses on the benefits of a will, not its technical details. The copy leads to a compelling warning about the consequences of dying without a will, and then directs the reader to you for assistance and more information.

    How the copy is structured:

    • What is a will? Why do you need one? (Includes seven items in bulleted format explaining what you can do with your will, including supporting your favorite nonprofit organization.)
    • Without a will, what happens?
    • How do you set one up?
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  4. A Tribute That Will Last (Endowment Giving)

    A Tribute That Will Last (Endowment Giving)

    This alternative marketing piece on your endowment is somewhat less detailed, yet still fully accurate. It focuses on how the donor can use a gift to your endowment to honor a loved one. Different types of endowed funds are reviewed, as well.

    The theme here is that endowed funds are not just for the wealthy, but can be used by many donors to honor their loved ones in perpetuity.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • How honoring a loved one and supporting your nonprofit can go hand-in-hand
    • What is an endowment?
    • Ways can you honor your loved one (three options)
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  5. Hungry to Make a Gift? Check What's on Our Menu

    Hungry to Make a Gift? Check What's on Our Menu

    Want to have a conversation with prospects who are interested in supporting your nonprofit? This document will educate donors about all the various attractive gift planning options It follows an easy-to-use "menu-style" layout that features brief, to-the-point gift descriptions that focus on benefits.

    What's covered:

    • Bequest
    • Beneficiary Designation
    • Charitable Gift Annuity
    • Charitable Remainder Trust
    • Charitable Lead Trust
    • Retained Life Estate
    • Bargain Sale


    Please Note: See also Product 3029.

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  6. A Steady Stream of Cash You Can Rely On (Charitable Gift Annuities)

    A Steady Stream of Cash You Can Rely On (Charitable Gift Annuities)

    Who wouldn't want a steady stream of cash that they can count on? We're sure many of your donors would, especially in an unstable economy or when stocks are on a roller coaster ride.

    This brochure drives home a great message about the attractive traits of a charitable gift annuity — a fixed, reliable, steady stream of cash, year in and year out.

    How this document is structured:

    • Introduction: “If you are concerned about the performance of some of your appreciated assets or need to increase your cash flow, here is an interesting idea.“
    • Short and simple explanation of the benefits of a Gift Annuity
    • A case in point (sample illustration with a few numbers)
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  7. What Do You Know?

    What Do You Know?

    Never underestimate the appeal of puzzles and word game! You can use this fun and simple quiz as an article in your publications to get potential annuitants thinking about the advantages of gift annuities. You can also employ this multiple choice quiz as part of a power point presentation on gift annuities to your volunteers or board members. Let them have some fun, too, learning about gift annuities while testing their knowledge of the subject!

    How the document is structured:

    • Introduction “What Do You Know?” 
    • Ten quiz questions that cover the gift annuity basics; with answer key.
    •  “Any questions? We'd be delighted to answer them and/or prepare a personalized gift annuity illustration.”
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  8. For The Duration (CGAs)

    For The Duration (CGAs)

    If your donors don't really understand that gift annuity payments last for the duration of donors’ lives, then they need to read this! And you need them to read it, too.

    Receiving regular, annual payments from gift annuities attracts many donors for first-time giving, and attracts many back to set up the same kind of gift again. So ensure that your prospects know about them! This brochure drives home a critical, benefits-based message with clear, persuasive copy.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction: “The charitable gift annuity — it’s the gift that gives back, and it gives back for the duration — the duration of your life.”
    • How a gift annuity works
    • An example with numbers
    • Offer of no-obligation gift annuity illustration
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  9. Relax, It's Revocable! (Gift Planning Overview)

    Relax, It's Revocable! (Gift Planning Overview)

    Even donors who want to support your mission may be loathe to part with assets irrevocably.

    This brochure cuts to the chase on revocable gifts that donors can make today that cost them nothing, and that can be modified if needed. The piece encourages donors to make one of these revocable gifts and then relax! So donors who just aren't ready to permanently part with assets will understand the simplicity and ease of gifts that enable them to retain their peace of mind.

    The copy can be modified to serve equally well as an article/column or newsletter content.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction — "In our communications, we've mentioned various kinds of gift plans for you to consider."
    • Explanation of the most popular revocable gifts: bequest; beneficiary of life insurance; beneficiary of a retirement plan.
    • What it means to be "revocable"
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  10. Some Gifts Are Bad for You — and That's Not Good!

    Some Gifts Are Bad for You — and That's Not Good!

    There many ways to give that you encourage your donors to consider, but you never want to encourage or accept as a gift that will harm your donor's financial or personal situation. Gifts should work for your donors and for you — never only one or the other.

    This brochure carries a strong reminder to your donors that you have their best interests in mind, that you are ethical and honest, and that they can trust you when discussing gift options. Demonstrating your professionalism and ethics will instill confidence in your prospects and make them more likely to want to support your nonprofit.

    The copy can be modified to serve as newsletter content, a brochure, or an article/column.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introductory paragraphs mentioning several types of planned gifts
    • Warning to donor not to give a gift that will do them personal financial harm
    • Invitation to contact your organization for further discussion.
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  11. Why Us? (Gift Planning Overview)

    Why Us? (Gift Planning Overview)

    What connects any donor to a charity is the mission. It's important that your communications about planned giving always include something about your mission because you are reminding donors of the very reasons that brought you together. Keep your donors focused on and involved in your mission — this is what will encourage their continued support. This is a snappy piece to remind donors why they give to your nonprofit. Be sure to customize this with some pertinent details about accomplishments, highlights or other mission-related information.

    Each paragraph can be customized with information about your organization. Copy may be modified for use as an article, brochure or newsletter content.

    How the copy is organized:
    • Introduction ("Why do you and other friends of [Your Nonprofit] support us financially?")
    • Brief examples of types of planned gifts.
    • Invitation for discussion of planned gifts.
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  12. What Will You Leave Behind?

    What Will You Leave Behind?

    Most of us want to do good deeds, and some of us would like to be remembered for them.

    This brochure encourages donors to ask themselves how they can continue to make an impact long after they are gone. It explains that one of the easiest ways is through their estate plans. The copy informs donors of the significance of including your organization in their estate plans, and the many ways that such planned gifts can benefit your organization.

    Can also be used as newsletter content, or as an article/column.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction “Most of us want to do good deeds...”
    • What would a provision for [Your Nonprofit] in my estate plan say?
    • Our mission is important to you.
    • You trust us to do the good work.
    • You want to provide a financial boost.
    • You want to inspire others like you to leave legacies of their own.
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