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  1. Give and Get Back (CGAs)

    Give and Get Back (CGAs)

    Use this very informal article to get your message out about this great gift type. If your donors don't yet know about gift annuities, they will after they read this! They'll learn that gift annuities are gifts that give back. That alone could entice them to consider funding one.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • “What charitable gift can you make that gives something back to you?”
    • What's the “give”? (a gift that often increases cash flow)
    • What's the “give back”? (tax and financial benefits)
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  2. What Makes a Gift Annuity Tick?

    What Makes a Gift Annuity Tick?

    The charitable gift annuity remains the most popular life-income gift. It's easy to do, affordable, and donors like the advantages, especially the receipt of predictable, annuity payments that continue year after year.

    But what exactly is a charitable gift annuity? Remember, not everyone in your donor base already understands how they work.

    If you have a gift annuity program, this brochure is a great way to educate your donors about them. When your donors finish reading this article, they'll not only have a better understanding of gift annuities, but they may also be motivated to establish one with your organization!

    How this document is structured:

    • Introduction 
    • A gift annuity is a contract
    • Payout rates
    • Benefits (5 concise bullet points)
    • “I’m considering a gift annuity – what are the steps?” (6 bullet points).
    • “If interested, how do I proceed?” (6 bullet points).
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  3. Should a Cardiologist Perform Orthopedic Surgery?

    Should a Cardiologist Perform Orthopedic Surgery?

    Your donors don't always understand that the law, just like medicine, is specialized. Too often we've heard donors say they have a swell attorney who can help them with their estate planning. Too often this attorney's expertise is in real estate, contracts, or putting business deals together.

    For estate planning, wills and trusts preparation, etc., they need an attorney skilled in that area of specialty. We make this point by posing that punchy question to your donors in the headline. If a cardiologist shouldn’t perform orthopedic surgery, then why ask a real estate attorney to do your estate plan?

    The article clarifies the issues and motivates donors to set up their estates right – with your nonprofit remembered in them!

    The copy can be modified to serve as newsletter content, a brochure, or an article/column.

    How this document is organized:

    • Introduction – compelling questions
    • The law is vast: just like medicine
    • The laws vary state by state: “If you lived in Pennsylvania but now are retired in Florida…”
    • New tricks of the trade: new laws are enacted; others are amended ("IRS issues PLRs…")
    • Finding Mr. or Ms. Right
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  4. Where There's a Will There's a Way

    Where There's a Will There's a Way

    This brochure features clear, concise copy that explains the basics of what an endowment is, how it works, and what it can mean to both the donor and your organization.

    Can also be used as an article/column.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction “As a strong supporter of [Your Nonprofit]…”
    • Definition of an endowment
    • How an endowment works
    • Invitation to contact you for more information
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  5. It's All in the Family (Endowments)

    It's All in the Family (Endowments)

    Use this article to stimulate discussion within your donors' families. Encourage them to make their philanthropy a family affair.

    Let's talk about families and philanthropy: As adults, we strive to instill good values in our children, and for many of us, philanthropy is one of those values. Establishing an endowment that reflects a donor's family both in name and ideals is a powerful philanthropic tool.

    This is an appealing message to those donors who will want to establish a family endowment for your organization, involving their family members in the process.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • "More and more parents are engaging their children and sometimes grandchildren in the philanthropic process."
    • Endowed family funds
    • Offer to announce a fund to the establisher's family/friends
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  6. Got Real Estate?

    Got Real Estate?

    It's common knowledge that one of most important assets your donors hold is real estate: their personal residences, vacation homes, undeveloped land, rental, and commercial property. And they could have real estate that their children don't want or that they don't have anyone to whom they want to leave it.

    For these donors, this brochure brings an important message — that there are ways to use real estate to make a meaningful gift to your nonprofit. It highlights the ways real estate can be used to fund their gift.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • “Even if real estate has taken a beating, it can still make an excellent gift.”
    • Give a share.
    • Put the property to work for you (funding a Charitable Remainder Trust).
    • Give away your home without moving out.
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  7. Home Sweet Home

    Home Sweet Home

    This title will get your donor's attention.

    What does not moving out of their house have to do with making a charitable gift? The article answers that question, and more, by explaining how a retained life estate gift works, and how it enables donors to gift real estate in a way that benefits both themselves and your nonprofit.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • “Your house is your most significant asset.”
    • How a Retained Life Estate works
    • Deeding your home
    • Getting an appraisal
    • Maintenance of the home
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  8. Remember Me? (Endowments)

    Remember Me? (Endowments)

    Everyone wants to be remembered.

    Your donors will be when they create a named endowment fund to benefit your organization. It is easy to do and can be done during lifetime, through one's will, or a combination of the two.

    This brochure offers an easy way to reach out to your donors and inform them about how easy it is to be remembered through an endowed fund. The copy can be modified to serve as an article/column and newsletter content as well.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction — "You want to feel that you've contributed something good to the world in which you live."
    • Options for a named endowment fund
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  9. Today and/or Tomorrow

    Today and/or Tomorrow

    This article lays out the options available to your donors regarding when and how they can fund an endowment. When they understand how much flexibility exists, it is that much easier to convince them to set up an endowment of their own. And it may motivate them to do it sooner rather than later.

    The copy can be modified to serve as newsletter content or a brocnure / e-brochure.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction “Endowments are not beyond your grasp!”
    • The Basics Today (options for during your lifetime): Cash, appreciated, marketable securities
    • Tomorrow (Testamentary Endowment): bequest, Charitable Remainder Trust, life insurance
    • Today and Tomorrow
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  10. What's Your Real Estate Done for You Lately?

    What's Your Real Estate Done for You Lately?

    Donors skeptical about using real estate for a charitable gift should ask themselves ”What has my real estate done for me lately?”

    If the answer is, "nothing" then maybe it's time for them to put that real estate to work.

    This brochure explains how using non-income producing real estate to fund a charitable gift can provide not only an income stream but also tax benefits. The piece motivates your donors to look at their real estate in a new light.

    Can also be used as newsletter content, or as an article/column.

    What's included in this copy:

    • Introduction “The first question you should ask yourself is, ‘What has my real estate done for me lately?’"
    • Six questions to consider
    • What are your options?
      1. Sell the property and invest in income-producing assets.
      2. Transfer the property to a charitable trust Invitation for a conversation
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  11. Why Should You Consider an Endowment?

    Why Should You Consider an Endowment?

    Like many of us, your donors may be focusing more on their current support for your nonprofit. What they may not be thinking about is what happens to that support when they are gone? Setting up an endowment could be the solution — they can create it during their lifetime with a gift now and complete the funding through a bequest. Or, they can establish it completely in their will. Either way, they will be providing lasting support beyond their years. Named funds can be established as well, at a specified minimum amount. Use this to help your donors see why endowments are important to your nonprofit and why they should consider creating one of their own.

    How the copy is structured:
    • Introduction ("Why should you consider an endowment?")
    • Endowments are lasting.
    • Endowments are safe.
    • Endowments are Individual (4 bulleted items to consider).
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  12. Why Give Stocks Instead of Cash?

    Why Give Stocks Instead of Cash?

    Although donors may consider using shares of appreciated stock for a capital gift, they may not be aware of the option to use them to fund an annual or year-end gift. Donating shares of stock can be a great way to make a charitable contribution without burdening cash flow. Inform your donors that using stock to fund their gifts may be a better alternative than cash.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction ("Why give stocks instead of cash?")
    • What's in it for you? (5 advantages of gifting stock)
    • A case in point (example)
    • You must play by the rules (A few requirements/provisions)
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