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  1. It's OK to be a Little Selfish When You Make a Gift!

    It's OK to be a Little Selfish When You Make a Gift!

    Send your prospects a persuasive communication that highlights the increased income they can enjoy when they create a charitable gift annuity. Copy is targeted to retirees and older prospects and their concerns about low retirement income and declining stock values. Specific examples highlight the difference between yields on common stocks and gift annuities.

    [Note: primarily written as newsletter copy, this document can easily be used as an article/column for your next publication, or adapted into a solicitation letter.]

    Remember, we also have a piece on Charitable Gift Annuities in our Marketing Essentials. This piece is an excellent follow up once you've sent that one.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction ("A gift annuity pays you back more benefits in return for your contribution.")
    • Explanation of how a gift annuity works
    • Numerical example
    • Call to action

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  2. Will Kit

    Will Kit

    Easy to give and easy to receive, bequests are a very popular and convenient way for donors to leave a significant legacy. Start promoting bequests more effectively now by equipping yourself with this handy collection of powerful and elegant customizable marketing pieces that make networking easy.

    Use them as leave behinds on donor visits. Give them out at Legacy Society luncheons, major donor gatherings or board meetings. Or hand them to financial advisors to pass on to their constituents.

    All documents are in Microsoft Word format, so just add your organization's name and logo, and you're ready to go. (Remember that this kit consists of the essential documents only. It is not a design guide and does not include artwork or photography.)

    For complete details, see below; you can also download this brochure.

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  3. Year-End Giving Toolkit

    Year-End Giving Toolkit

    Worried about motivating your donors to make year-end gifts? Relax.

    We’ve taken the usual distraction, time commitment and stress out of the equation for you.

    Equip yourself with our comprehensive, effective and economical Year-End Giving Toolkit. The compelling messaging, donor-centric style, and technical accuracy you demand for your year-end campaign are all included – ready to go – in this Kit. The package includes a solicitation letter, postcard, brochure and article, all customizable to your organization.

    This year, don't procrastinate. You won’t have to add "copywriter," "marketing maven," or "legal eagle" to your job description, either. Our Year End Giving Toolkit will reach out to your donors clearly and compellingly while saving you money and saving your sanity!

    Our legal eagle just informed us that while we can guarantee the kit is economical and effective, we can't guarantee to save your sanity.

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  4. Look How Much a Bequest Can Do!

    Look How Much a Bequest Can Do!

    Here's everything you want your prospects to know about giving through their will.

    This newsletter article (two pages in a typical standard-sized newsletter) highlights both the benefits and the specifics of estate-plan gifts. Includes sample language for specific, residual and contingent bequests; explanation of restricted and unrestricted bequests; information on testamentary life-income gifts; planning points and Q&A.

    Bonus: This copy describes the benefits of the building-block planned gifts, bequests, making it the ideal lead-off article if you're starting or reviving a newsletter series. That's why we've included in this download, free of charge, a letter you can send your prospects announcing and promoting your newsletters. Get your marketing off to a strong start without additional time or expense!

    How the copy is structured:

    • A will is one of the easiest major gifts you can make: it's simple, it's revocable, it's private, and it's welcomed.
    • Choose the bequest that best fits your needs: specific, residual, contingent.
    • Tell us how to use your bequest: unrestricted or restricted
    • Frequently Asked Questions/Concerns
      • Can my bequest provide for both you and my family?
      • My advisors suggested a trust, not a will.
      • Are bequests deductible?
      • Can you write a will for me?
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  5. Flip Unitrusts, Deferred Gift Annuities

    Flip Unitrusts, Deferred Gift Annuities

    Detailed explanations of two gift plans that appeal to younger donors who may feel that they cannot afford a major gift and that a "planned" gift means a bequest.

    This newsletter copy is persuasive and logical, written to de-mystify these somewhat complex gifts and convince readers that they offer solid benefits that should be considered. Numerical examples and tax rates are used carefully but effectively to keep your newsletter accurate and relevant.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction ("We understand your priorities!")
    • Strategy #1: Grow a retirement fund tax-free with a Flip Unitrust.
      • Explanation of how a Flip Unitrust works.
    • Strategy #2: Secure future income with a Deferred Gift Annuity.
      • Explanation of a Deferred Gift Annuity.
    • Planning points
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  6. Put a Charitable Gift Annuity to Work For You

    Put a Charitable Gift Annuity to Work For You

    Here's an article that explains the basics on the most popular life-income gift on the market! It features clear, yet simply-stated gift descriptions; extensive, detailed benefits listings; plus comparison of immediate-payment versus deferred and flexible gift annuities.

    Payment rates cited reflect XXX rate revisions by American Council on Gift Annuities.

    This article can also be modified to serve as a personalized solicitation letter to prospects, newsletter content, or a seminar hand-out.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction ("Locked into low yield investments?")
    • Explanation of how a charitable gift annuity works
    • Advantages of a charitable gift annuity: stable, predictable income; high rate of return; charitable tax deduction; tax-advantaged income; minimized capital gains tax; reduced estate tax; flexible payments.
    • Three types of charitable gift annuities: Immediate Payment; Deferred Payment; Flexible Payment
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  7. Charitable Gift Annuities

    Charitable Gift Annuities

    Here's a clear explanation of Charitable Gift Annuities in a longer format than our Marketing Essentials copy; works well as lead article in your newsletter. Focuses on the benefits CGAs will provide your prospects. Details on tax benefits and security of annuity payments. Planning points include benefits of deferred gift annuities for younger donors.

    Optional: Gift example with chart of sample income, tax benefits (reflects 2008 rate revisions by American Council on Gift Annuities).

    How the copy is structured:

    • Discover the Benefits of a Charitable Gift Annuity!
    • How Does it Work?
    • What are the Tax Benefits of a Charitable Gift Annuity?
    • Planning Points
    • Numerical Example with Chart
    • Summary
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  8. Deferred Gift Annuities, Flexible Gift Annuities

    Deferred Gift Annuities, Flexible Gift Annuities

    A targeted communication on two rewarding gift plans that will appeal to younger (late-40s to early-60s) planned giving prospects. Especially appropriate for high-income professionals. Copy is benefits-driven, and is appropriate for an article or column in your publication or a secondary article in your newsletter.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction ("We offer two gift plans especially tailored for our friends who are still fully involved in their careers…")
    • Two benefits of deferred gift annuities.
    • How deferred gift annuities work.
    • How flexible gift annuities work.
    • Your gift matters to us.
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  9. Charitable Gift Annuities

    Charitable Gift Annuities

    After your initial charitable gift annuity marketing, it's wise to target subsequent marketing to the concerns of particular segments of your donors. This letter addresses the anxieties of retirees and older prospects by providing creative solutions in the form of a charitable gift annuity. The letter also highlights the difference between yields on common stocks and gift annuities.

    How the content is organized:

    • Introductory paragraph inviting prospect to consider a charitable gift annuity.
    • A list of concerns many older donors have (Are you looking for additional income now that you've retired?...).
    • Explanation of how a charitable gift annuity works.
    • Solutions to some of the previously-mentioned concerns, using a charitable gift annuity.

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  10. Is It Your Will — Or Someone Else's?

    Is It Your Will — Or Someone Else's?

    An informative letter to bequest prospects to get them out of their estate-planning inertia by letting them know in concrete ways why a will is so important — not just for your organization, but also for prospects and their families.

    Also serves as another cultivation opportunity by thanking prospect for caring about your organization. Includes sample language for a simple charitable bequest. Asks prospect to kindly let you know if a gift has been completed, so you can thank them.

    A good follow-up to Marketing Essentials copy on bequest basics.

    NOTE: This language in this document has been derived from Product 1006 (bequest newsletter / article / column content). If you plan to purchase both, it is important to realize that the copy is somewhat similar.

    How the content is structured:

    • "We'd like to help you retain the same control over your legacy."
    • List of issues a will can address.
    • Sample bequest language.
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  11. "I'm Too Young to Make a Gift!"

    "I'm Too Young to Make a Gift!"

    Tell your younger donors about the gift planning techniques they can use to make significant gifts to your charity. This benefits-focused brochure shows how deferred gift annuities, flip unitrusts and gifts of life insurance can help your donors make major gifts before they retire and how these gifts can help THEM during their retirement years.

    Can be used as brochure, newsletter or article.

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction
    • Deferred Gift Annuities (with planning points)
    • Growth-Oriented Unitrusts (Charitable Remainder Unitrusts and Flip Unitrusts)
    • Life Insurance
    • Call to action

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  12. Bequests, Gifts of Life Insurance, Gifts from Retirement Plans (This Year, Resolve to Update Your Estate!)

    Bequests, Gifts of Life Insurance, Gifts from Retirement Plans (This Year, Resolve to Update Your Estate!)

    Here's a timely brochure about bequests, life insurance and IRAs to get your prospects over their procrastination and on to reviewing their estate plan — and then making an estate gift to you.

    How many times have you heard, "Put your organization in my will?" Sure, sure — just haven't gotten around to it yet. Well, this lively brochure energizes those prospects by demonstrating that the task of looking over their plans, and making needed changes, is a simple, manageable, Sunday-afternoon job.

    Highlights the most frequent reasons that estate plans become outdated, and tells readers what to do to make needed corrections.

    Closes with a strong push to get prospects to add a bequest to your organization, or give you a paid-up insurance policy that they realized their family no longer needed.

    These three gifts cover over 80% of all planned gifts, are easy to give and accept, and are popular since they do not affect one's cash flow during lifetime.

    Simple. Understandable. Compelling.This is truly an elegant leave-behind that deserves to be well-designed and printed in 4 colors!

    How the copy is structured:

    • Introduction ("We all have good resolutions, but they're hard to stick to.")
    • Who will be a beneficiary?
    • What are your assets, and what are your needs?
    • How and when will you transfer assets?
    • Some planning points (includes sample bequest language)
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