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Welcome to our special section featuring practical marketing ideas that will excite and inspire you to develop great new ideas of your own. Be sure to check back regularly as we intend to update this page with new material on a regular basis. Always think outside the box, because marketing planned gifts with yesteryear's ideas is a sure way to fail!

Feel free to S&D ("steal and deploy"!) the ideas you find here -- but not the pictures (they're protected by third party copyrights). And if you’re pressed for time and/or you want that project done fast and right, PlannedGiving.Com has got you covered. Contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate for your project.

Got some new ideas of your own? A marketing piece that just hit a home run for you? Share it with us. We're also looking for real-world heartfelt stories to publish. We and your peers will be grateful for them.


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