Standard Bequest Language (Bequests & Gifts from Retirement Plans)

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You've worked hard to get your prospects interested in making a bequest to your organization. They've gotten the music, but now they need the words — the actual language they can follow to make a bequest to you. Here it is.

It's everything you'll need: explanations and suggested language for specific, residual and contingent charitable bequests, plus clear instructions on how to designate your organization as the beneficiary of a retirement plan, plusa final paragraph asking the prospect whether they need customized gift language.

This is one of the most practical, useful items offered by PlannedGiving.Com.

How the copy is structured:
  • How to Make a Bequest to [Your Organization]
    • A bequest to us:
      • Is easy and inexpensive
      • Will not affect your assets or cash flow
      • Can be amended or revoked
  • Residual Bequest Language
  • Specific Bequest Language
  • Contingent Bequest Language
  • Retirement Plan Beneficiary Language
  • Note about customized language

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  • Bequests and Gifts from Retirement Plans

Marketing Use

  • Sample Gift Language, Ready-to-Download

Suggested Format

  • Newsletter Copy
  • Brochure / eBrochure Copy
  • Any marketing format or medium

No. of Words

  • 530